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Call For Proposals: First Annual ARTHOUSE Juried Film & Video Festival

This was reposted by moderators in the wrong thread...should have been the overhead festival


Call For Video/Film Artists: Silent/Sound Outdoor Festival seeks silent videos and films!

Can one submit via URL as well? Snail mailing is so Net -1.0...


Sporkworld gets a Makeover


Sporkworld ( has undergone a thorough renovation without, we hope, changing the basic character of the site. Formerly orphaned works now have links, and the diverse authorship of Sporkworld's content has been made more explicit. The changes may not be obvious at first, but further exploration will reveal that there are several new sections, dead wood has been removed, and the design of the site has been made more consistent.

Please visit the new video ( gallery ( sections.

We have also recently started a new sister site, the Sporkworld Microblog (, to publish spontaneous visual and textual experiments by the Sporkworld Team (, along with book, software, and music recommendations. We will add new material to the Microblog several times a week, so please bookmark it and check frequently for updates. You may also view the Microblog (except for videos) on a mobile phone at

In addition to the Microblog, the Community site (, and the Sporkworld Bookstore, (where you can buy books and other items reviewed on Sporkworld), Sporkworld now has its own YouTube Channel, In an effort to participate in new advances in web interactivity, we expect to add more sister sites as opportunities become available. We welcome suggestions of new kinds of web publishing; please send your ideas to If we act on your advice, you will be eligible to receive a genuine Unicorn (see as a reward for your contribution to the site.


Happy New Year / Contest: Win a Real Fake Unicorn

Sporkworld sends its friends a New Year's Greeting in the form of a puzzle topologically related to the Rubik’s Cube:

We will send (via snail mail, as we traffic only in real fake Unicorns, not virtual fake Unicorns) a Unicorn to the first person who sends an explanation of how to solve it to, with or without explicit group theory… For a solution to count, it must be clear enough to allow Sporkworld's resident naive beta tester to solve the puzzle from any initial solvable state.

Millie Niss Sporkworld Sporkworld Blog Microblog Sporkworld Bookstore


New Sporkworld Microblog

Sporkworld is attempting to enhance its brand by embracing Web 2.0 and the new mobile internet (buzzword alert :-)), so please check out our new microblog:


If you have a mobile phone which can view web pages, try viewing the microblog at the link:

-Sporkworld Webmaster aka Millie Niss