Michael Mahan
Since 2004
Works in Valley Center, California United States of America

Michael Mahan has been working with computers for nearly forty years. He received his BA degree in mathematics from the University of California, San Diego and his MFA in art from San Diego State University. He has written extensively about computers and art. His works are largely conceptual investigations of the ontology of 3-D virtual objects. He is part of the founding management team and a vice president of E.T. Zepper Studios.

Michael Mahan lives in Southern California with his wife, Lauren, and two Scottish Terriers.
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Art/Math Conference: June 2-5, Boulder, Call for Papers and Art Works

Thu Jan 27, 2005 07:53

in honor of the 60th BIRTHDAY OF MICHELE EMMER
To be held at
June 2-5, 2005
Conference Web Site/Updates

AIELLO WORKSHOP: June 5-10, Studio Aiello, 3563 Walnut St., Denver
(More info below)

This conference is one of the highlights of the Special Year in Art and
Mathematics at the University of Colorado/Boulder

Organizer Anna Ursyn

Studio Aiello Exhibition Dates: June 2 - June 17, 2005
UMC Gallery Exhibition Dates: June 27 - August 5, 2005
Kristi Graham and Monica and Tyler Aiello

AIELLO WORKSHOP with G. Hart, H. Ferguson, and C. Wooldridge, June 5-10
Tar Factory at Studio Aiello, Denver. Sign up!

The "2005 CU Special Year in Art and Mathematics"
is a program whose main sponsors are the Department of
Art and Art History, Mathematics, and the UMC Gallery of
the University of Colorado at Boulder. The
Special Year focuses on the exploration of the relationship
between art and mathematics with an accent on the visual arts.
The Special Year will enrich the experience of art and mathematics for
students and the community by presenting those subjects in a new, exciting
way that creates new meaning. It will help build a University-Town
partnership in where everybody will benefit greatly from the planned

The conference "Art and Math= X," June 2-5, 2005, at the University of
Colorado in Boulder encompasses a broad range of fields as they relate to
art, mathematics and/or computer technology, including the exploration
of the following themes: visualization and computer generated art,
pattern and symmetry, geometry in quilting and artistic handicrafts,
mathematics of knots and other 3-D objects. Conference participants
will share information and discuss common interests, allowing new ideas
and partnerships to emerge that can enrich interdisciplinary research and
Michele Emmer, Anthony Phillips,
Carla Farsi, Kristi Graham, James
Johnson, Andrew May

The program for the conference is comprised of a combination of invited
and contributed presentations. Contributed presentations' deadlines are
February 18, 2005 (for papers) and March 1, 2005 (for artworks). Please
see below for instructions.

Presently confirmed key-note invited presenters include:
Bill Casselman, Donna Cox, Helaman Ferguson, Miller
Puckette, Michele Emmer, Anthony Phillips, Dismas Rotta and
Charles Wooldridge, Richard Taylor, and Anna Ursyn.
See the appendix for some information on them and a tentative key-note
speakers schedule.

In addition to our fantastic speakers, we are planning the following
conference events

The Reception (June 1, 2005)
Bring your art work with you to the conference opening reception!
Mingle with the crowd on June 1 while festing on cheese, crackers, and

The Nat Friedman show reception (June 2, 2005)
5th floor Center for
British and Irish Studies
Norlin Library 5:30 p.m.

The Excursion (June 3, 2005)
An excursion is scheduled on the afternoon of Friday June 3
to visit some local art exhibits. Part of this fantastic tour will
be the opening reception for the Art+Math=X 'Intersection'
Exhibit at Studio Aiello! We will also peruse through Denver's First
Friday exciting art scene, and take a look at some local tourist
attractions. Dine in Denver on your own.

The Musical Event and the Conference Dinner (June 4, 2005)
Andrew May will present a Boulder Public Library
June 4 Concert in the later afternoon. He is the creator of the innovative
music series "Pendulum" and the title of his concert
is "Mathematics Made Music." (Open to the general public)
The conference dinner at the classy Italian restaurant "Acqua Pazza"
will follow.

June 5 (afternoon) Aiello workshop starts up with a barbecue at the
fantastic Tar Factory at Studio Aiello, Denver (Transportation provided
to workshop registered participants)! And don't forget the opening
Reception for the Boulder Public Library Quilt Show!

The $100 Aiello Workshop registration fee includes the June 5 p.m.
Studio Aiello barbecue and George Hart interactive lecture (with
transportation from Boulder), and access to the H. Ferguson and C.
Wooldwridge's workshops at the Tar Factory at Studio Aiello for the period
June 6-June 10 (including use of studio space and some materials).
Please see our website for more details.


Campus Map: http://www.colorado.edu/campusmap/
The nearest airport to Boulder is Denver International Airport (DIA) and
there is frequent shuttle service that will take participants right to
the door of all the Boulder hotels: the Boulder Supershuttle
Shuttles from DIA:
SuperShuttle 303.444.0808
Boulder Express 303.457.4646
There is also convenient public bus
transportation (The A/B) from DIA to Boulder.
Just go to the ground transportation booths once you get to DIA
to get your ticket. (they do not take reservations in advance).
Driving Directions from DIA:
Exit DIA on Pea Boulevard. Continue until you reach I-70 west. Take I-70
west to the I-270 north exit toward Fort Collins. Take I-270 north to the
U.S. Hwy 36 west exit, toward Boulder. Continue on Hwy 36 to Boulder.
Take Baseline exit for the Boulder Inn, Arapahoe exit for the Millenium,
and turn R on Canyon for the Golden Buffs.
For tourist informations on Boulder, see

Participants will make their own reservations at local hotels. We have
negotiated a conference rate ($74+tax single, $79+tax double) at the
Best Western Boulder Inn near campus,800-233-8469, 800-449-3800,
www.Boulderinn.com, .
We also negotiated a conference rate (singles $75.65+tax, doubles
$84.15+tax, breakfast included) at the Best Western Golden Buff Lodge,
1725 28th Str (1-800-780-7234, 303-442-7450, reference #421440),
The conference rate at the Millenium Harvest House ( tel: +1 303 443 3850
fax: +1 303 443 1480 reservation: +1 866 866 8086, boulder@mhrmail.com)
is of $114+tax for a room with either one or two beds, and for up to 4 people.
Please quote the art and math conference when you book.
It is advisable to book early as hotel rooms in Boulder fill up fast
and our conference rates are only valid for reservations made on or
before Apr. 26, 2005.
No special accommodation arrangement have been made for Tar Factory/Aiello
workshop participants. We advice you book your hotel in Boulder, and
commute to Denver on a daily base.

There is cafeteria on the Boulder campus, located in the UMC (University
Memorial Center; see the campus map) There are also many good restaurants
within walking distance from the Math department and the hotel.
There is a a conference reception in the evening of June 1, the Nat
Friedman exhibit reception on June 2, and a
conference dinner on June 4.


The conference will feature presentations by key-note speakers (40 min
including questions), and shorter contributed presentations (20 min
including questions) by registered participants. Presentations will all be
selected from the pool of submitted papers and digital art works.
Artists whose work has been accepted in the Aiello/UMC 'INTERSECTION'
exhibit are also strongly encouraged to give a short conference
presentation on their work (provided they register as conference participants).

Paper are to have between 1,500 and 2,500 words
(including references, appendices, etc); short
papers require 1,000-1,499 words. Papers can have
illustrations, but if the paper exceeds 5 pages,
the author(s) will be charged an extra $50 US for
any page extension. Short papers are also suited for
artists who want to give a presentation about
their work at the conference.

The Conference plans to publish refereed Proceedings to be distributed at
the conference. Thus, there is a tight and firm schedule:

Deadline for abstract submissions for review: February 18, 2005. Submit
your abstract (250 words or less) electronically to
carla.farsi@colorado.edu. Notification of
acceptance of abstracts: March 15, 2005. Deadline for submission of final
camera-ready manuscript: Friday April 21, 2005. Precise guidelines on the
paper's formats are to be found on our website.
Papers that deviate from the specified style will
not be included in the Proceedings. Images will be publishes only if of
high quality (all the final decisions are made by the editors). You also
need to send your registration form and payment along with your paper.
Please note that at least one non-refundable full registration fee is
required from at least one author of a paper by May 1 for it to be
included in the Proceedings.

Contributions to the digital art exhibit will be included in the
proceedings in the form of an attached CD. Accepted artists will give
20 minutes (including question) presentations on their work. You must
have paid the conference registration fee to give a presentation on your
work and have your images on the proceedings CD. Otherwise, your
images will be posted on the conference web site solely.
Deadline for image submissions for review: March 1, 2005. Submit
electronically to Anna Ursyn at Anna.Ursyn@unco.edu. Notification of
acceptance: Friday April 15, 2005. Please note that at least one
non-refundable full registration is required from at least one author of
an image for it to be included in the proceedings.
More details on our Conference Web Site.

Studio Aiello Exhibition Dates: June 2 - June 17, 2005
UMC Gallery Exhibition Dates: June 27 - August 5, 2005
Kristi Graham and Monica and Tyler Aiello
The University of Colorado's UMC Art Gallery and Studio Aiello are now
taking submissions for Intersection - a collaborative exhibition
showcasing artists whose work addresses the relationship between art and
mathematics. "Intersection" will explore this relationship and provide an
exciting viewing experience for conference attendees and art audiences
alike. The exhibition opens at Denver's award winning Studio Aiello
Gallery on June 3rd in conjunction with the International Conference.
Truly a regional effort, the show will then travel to the UMC Art Gallery
on the Boulder Campus. More details on our Conference Web Site.
Artists whose work has been accepted in the Aiello/UMC 'INTERSECTION'
exhibit are strongly encouraged to give a short conference
presentation on their work (provided they register as conference

There is a conference registration fee for contributing participants
(whose abstracts or images were accepted by the organizing committee) of
US $250 (on or before April 21, 2005) that includes a copy of the
Proceedings. For participants not wishing to present a paper nor give a talk,
the registration fee is of $100 US. (Before April 21).
The registration fee also includes the conference reception, the
conference dinner (at which there will also be a cash bar) and the
conference excursion, as well as the conference concert. There is a
special discounted rate of US $100 for students, and artists
whose expenses are not otherwise supported. We will also be happy
to consider students work-study arrangements. The Aiello Workshop
registration fee is of $100.
See the conference registration form at
for details.


APPENDIX: Art+Math=X Key-note Speakers

BILL CASSELMAN. Mathematician, University of
British Columbia. He does research on
representation theory and automorphic forms
(principally Langlands' conjectures).
In recent years he has also taken up teaching and using
computer graphics in applications to mathematical exposition.
He is currently Graphics Editor of the NOTICES
of the American Mathematical Society, and
a founding member of the advisory committee of the mathematics Arxiv.
In January, 2005, his book `Mathematical Illustrations,'
a practical manual on how to use PostScript in producing
mathematical graphics, will be published by Cambridge University Press.

DONNA COX. Artist, University of Illinois/Urbana Champaign. Cox is a
full professor in the School of Art and Design and has
held joint appointment with the National Center for Supercomputing
Applications since 1985. Her work has been cited in more than 100
publications including Newsweek, TIME, National Geographic,
Wall Street Journal, Science News, New York Times, and Discover magazine.
Her work has appeared on international television, including NOVA, CNN,
NBC Nightly News. She collaborated to the "Cosmic Voyage" IMAX film,
which was nominated for an Academy Award in 1997.

MICHELE EMMER. Mathematician, University of Rome, Italy. Author of the
books 'The Visual Mind I and II.' among several other publications.
World-renown Escher expert. Also the director of many
beautiful mathematical 'teaching movies' and of the world-distributed
'The Fantastic World of Escher' which will be shown at the conference.

HELAMAN FERGUSON. Mathematician and Sculptor. "Ferguson... fully
possesses and has cultivated his ability to express his mathematical
conceptions as sculpture. He has discovered the common ground of
mathematics and art upon which he has placed his own creativity. --Richard
Waller, Director of the Marsh Art Gallery, University of Richmond,
Virginia. Books: Gold Ink and Ozzie Award winning book by Claire Ferguson,
HELAMAN FERGUSON: Mathematics in Stone and Bronze, Meridian Creative
Group, Erie, Pennsylvania, 1994;

ANTHONY PHILLIPS. Mathematician, State University of New York at Stony
Brook. His research focuses on Geometry and Topology and their
applications to Mathematical Physics. Author of "The topology of Roman
mosaic mazes, Leonardo 23 (1992) 321-329," and of "Meander mazes on
polysphericons, in The Visual Mind II (Michele Emmer, ed.)."

MILLER PUCKETTE. Musician, University of California, San Diego.
Miller Puckette obtained a Ph. D. in Mathematics from Harvard (1986).
Puckette was a member of MIT's Media Lab from its inception until 1987,
and then a researcher at IRCAM (l'Institut de Recherche et de
Musique/Acoustique). There he wrote the Max program for MacIntosh
computers. The IRCAM real-time development team has since reimplemented
and extended this software under the name jMax.
Puckette is now Associate Director of the Center for Research in
and the Arts (CRCA). He is currently working on a new real-time software
system for live musical and multimedia performances called Pure Data
in collaboration with many other artists/researchers/programmers
Since 1997 Puckette has also been part of the Global Visual Music project
with Mark Danks, Rand Steiger, and Vibeke Sorensen, which has been
generously supported by a grant from the Intel Research Council.

DISMAS ROTTA and CHARLES WOOLDRIDGE. Artists. Partaking of this conference
is symbolic to each of our art endeavors.
It models the idea that a confluence is not a destination but more the
alchemy of time that produces many types of dialogues. Concepts
surrounding relationships created by plains, lines, colors, edges and
values that become a visual doorway to greater questions about where and
how all mediums confluence. These types of dialogues are not limited to
any one form or medium of expression but they must exist as a product of
a cusp or an intersection of divergent thoughts, a product from the
center of life.

RICHARD TAYLOR. Physicist, U. of Oregon. Author of the Scientific American
article 'Order in Pollock's Chaos.' Richard Taylor's
investigation of fractal dimension in the visual arts was also
featured in an ABC documentary
(Australia) that will be shown at the conference.

ANNA URSYN. Visual Arts, University of Northern Colorado. Painter and
Digital Artist. Products of the integration of art, technology, sciences
and cognitive sciences. her artwork have been a part of the SIGGRAPH Art
Shows over 10 times. The computer graphics arts program she chairs is
the best in Colorado, and one of the most prestigious in the US.


Th Jun 2
9 am: Michele Emmer
2 pm: Dismas+Wooldridge
3 pm: Richard Taylor

Fr June 3
10 am: Miller Puckette
2 pm: Anthony Phillips

Sat June 4
10 am: Donna Cox
2 pm: Anna Ursyn

Su June 5
10 am: Bill Casselman
11 am: Helaman Ferguson

Stick around! In the afternoon of June 5 the week-long Aiello Workshop



Re: Re: Re: Re: setting up the punch line

Actually, I think this is a difficult one, because Degas worked
before the advent of modern art."

To say that Degas worked before the advent of modern art is really pushing the point. I don't know many art historians that would not consider the impressionists modern.

"Incidentally I know of murals by Degas that
do have an intentional "unfinished" quality.""

I know of no murals by Degas at all.

"But in the Baroque, a
great number of artists used a loose brushstroke technique (because of
the increased need for speed?) , which was, one way or the other,
certainly intentional."

I hope you don't mean to imply that Degas was Baroque, because that's what you seem to be doing.