michael importico
Since 2011
Works in North Plainfield, New Jersey United States of America

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Measure of Discontent: Sigh Collector

The ‘Sigh Collector’ is not only a stimulating idea and wonderfully
appealing object, but your use of video transcends 'documentation' and is undoubtedly
an integral component of the final piece; making this a very accessible, nearly
universal work of art for our generation.  The comical, cinematic,
commercial-like style of the video had me wanting to run down to the store to get
my own ‘Sigh Collector.’  In addition, I found the playful, light hearted aesthetic
of the object and video presentation to be delightfully juxtaposed against the
serious nature of your backing concept of the ‘Measure of Discontent’; adding layers of meaning and intrigue to this work.  Thanks for sharing.
-michael tristan