Michal Perry

1959 Born July 7 in Jerusalem, Israel.
1976 – 1980 studied art at the Avni Institute of Fine Arts, Tel-Aviv.
1990 -2004 Lived and worked in New York City.
2004 to present lives and works in Tel-Aviv and NYC.

Scrolls of Nothing, Artist house, Tel Aviv
Inverted Sunsets. Gal-On Gallery, Tel Aviv
Swimming in A Red Ocean, Peramida Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel.
Psychic Landscapes, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida.
Shlomo, Art Gallery Givatayim Theater, Givatayim.
Shlomo, Art Gallery Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem.
Shlomo,The New Art Gallery Bet-Aba-Hushi, Haifa,
Shlomo, Yad Labanim Museum, Tiberias.
Scrolls of Nothing, the International Artists’ Museum, New York Center, New
Movements, BGH Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California.
Paintings, the International Artists’ Museum, Lodz, Poland.
Abstract Paintings, Carthew Thompson Gallery, Beverly Hills, California.
The Writing on the Wall, Grdec Museum for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia.
State Art Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Mabat Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Shlomo, Klarfeld Perry Gallery, New York, New York. 
People of New York, Klarfeld Perry Gallery, New York, New York.
Portraits, Art Gallery Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem.
Portraits, Yad Lebanim Museum, Petach-Tikevah, Israel.
Paintings, Hsimta Art Gallery, Jafa, Tel-Aviv.

Childhood Memories, Ehrlich Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv
The studio Visit, Exit Art, New York, New York.
Faces, Peramida Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel.

Human Landscape, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel.
Terrorvision, Exit Art, New York, New York. 
Selected Works, Bickett Gallery Raleigh, North Carolina
Scope LA, Los Angeles, California. 
 2004/47th Annual International Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California.
Nothing before Me but Thag, Magnet Gallery, New York, New York.

Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton ,Florida
Wedding, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel, Curate by Hana Kofler (catalogue).
Markers-Art & Poetry in Venice, banners project, an official event of the 49" Venice Biennale.
BGH Gallery, Santa Monica, California. Curate by Etan Boritzer.
This Earth is a Flower, Bydgoszcz Museum of Art, Bydgoszcz, Poland,Spazi di Pace/Art for Peace, Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio, Italy; traveled to Tel-Aviv; and
Los Angeles , California (catalogue)
Duchamp Traveling Exhibition, traveled through USA, Germany and Poland. Stone for Peace, traveling exhibition Project of the International Artists' museum.
Save the Building, The International Artists' Museum, New York Center, New York, New York. 

Artists Messengers of Peace, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel –AvivMekomi, Museum Petach Tikvah, Petach Tikvah, Israel. Curated by Ruth Manor, 1994

Symbolic Surface, Klarfeld Perry Gallery, Curated by Robert C. Morgan, New York, NY (cat).
Art0mi, Visual Arts Program, critic-in-Residence: Dan Cameron, Omi, New York (cat.).
Large Format, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv. (cat.)
Chicago International Art Exposition, Chicago,Illinois.

Self Portrait, Klarfeld Perry Gallery, New York, New York.
New York City by day/by night, Henoch Gallery, New York, New York.
West, Art and the Law, 17tb Annual National Exhibition traveled to San Francisco: BankAmerica
Security Pacific Gallery, California (1992). Traveled to Raleigh: Art space, Inc., North Carolina (1992). Traveled to Tacoma: University of Puget Sound School of Law, Washington (1993)
Selected Art Work: Israeli P.O.W., charcoal on paper, 59x84" (cat.).
Figures & Faces, Klarfeld Perry Gallery, New York, New York.
Urban Icons, Klarfeld Perry Gallery, New York, New York

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TV Segments/Documentary
1992 Red head. Half hour program on the exhibition People of New York.
2000 Matav T.V., Half hour documentary on the exhibition Shlomo.
2002 "Nevermore production", Television Production, Half hour segment/documentary about Scrolls of Nothing.

1976-1980 Ministry of Culture and Education, Israel