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Manetas has produced oil paintings of wires, cables and computer hardware, created short looped fragments of video games such as "Tomb Raider," and exhibited computer-generated vibracolour prints among other things. But he was impatient with critics and curators who had yet to come up with a really good "-ism" for this new generation of creativity.After securing financial assistance from a nonprofit called the Art Production Fund, Manetas went out and hired Lexicon Branding, a California firm responsible for creating such product names as Powerbook, Pentium, Zima, Swiffer and Dasani. Lexicon's assignment was to create a name for this new movement.
In May 2000, during a packed press conference at the Gagosian Gallery in Manhattan - and a panel of people like Harvard cognitive scientist Steven Pinker ready to provide analysis of the term -- Manetas unveiled a new word for an art movement. Actually, it was the squeaky, synthetic voice of a Sony Vaio that made the announcement. The word was "NEEN." (from the article)
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A Whole New World?

The following text was written on 11/22/09, the day of the closure of the Venice Biennial.

Today is Sunday, Nov 22 2009. That's 11/22/09 -which can be read also as 11/22/33 (9= 3x3). That is the very last day of the Venice Biennial and also the last chance to visit the InternetPavilion, which is hosted at
From tomorrow the Internet Pavilion will be closed and it will re-open again for the next Venice Biennial in two years.
Still, there is enough time today for a few more hours at least, to make something historical happen inside the Pavilion. Its up to you really, up to any of us.

Speaking for myself, I believe that what's possible, what "can be done", has nothing to do with "technology". Technology-as Wikipedia says- is "a broad concept that deals with human as well as other animal species usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects a species' ability to control and adapt to its environment". In that sense, computers aren't really "technology": dogs and other animals can't use them. The Internet isn't technology either, plants can't grow there. Computers at their present stage are more similar to rocks and stones and the much hyped "Internet" is a little more than some kind of dirt: some sort of desert dust that is covering a large part of the planet but not everything.

The InternetPavilion is at this stage the embassy of a country: the new country of the Internet inhabited by a very small minority (people who own computers are less than 1% of humanity). The "real" Internet Pavilion -the one we may decide to enter in two years from now, (or even later today, maybe just a nanosecond before midnight), could be the door to a reality where the World doesn't need a mediation, where you can send an email by just moving your lips instead of this ridiculous message that I am typing right now on a machine. There isn't anything "mystical" about this, we can actually try a little experiment at this very moment: Please, let go your computer mouse, relax back on your chair or on the sofa, wherever you are reading this text, close your eyes and draw two circles in front of your face using your right hand , one circle from the left to the right and the other from the right to the left. Then, open slowly your eyes and without using your computer, send a reply to this message.

Have a nice day

Miltos Manetas, 11/22/33


Art In Your Pocket

It's Pollock not Pollack


A Whole New World?

Comparing websites with ceramics.

" I found it odd to frame the internet as a territory, when it’s clearly a tool and a medium" says Ceci Moss.
Well, that means she understands nothing about the Internet neither about "Internets".
Then she complains about the Exhibition but there has never been any real space "Exhibition". The press release (, it says clearly: "Location: The Internet. Opening on June 03 at the headquarters of the project, S.A.L.E Magazzini del Sale"
The NewWave show is here:, the rest is at, the whole thing is a project that **started** in Venice. What happened at the headquarters was a "get together" and a demo of some sides of the project plus performance and music. I didn't care to even have a physical place, it was offered to us 2 weeks before the show and if it wasn't for a few artists that came determined to put up their projections I would have left it empty. Anyway, its OK they "projected", but I couldn't let them do the everyman's show you find everywhere from NY to Athens. It wasn't bad the way they install it anyway and thanks to the Pirates from the Embassy of Piracy, the Headquarters, became this way an "Internets" which means a physical reality conditioned by what happens online. Non all artists understood that and that's fine. Harm and a few others don't even believe in the ideas of the Internet Pavilion and-like Ms Moss probably think that Internet is the new TV&Fax&Phone that we can "use" to make contemporary art and show it to your parents.

Some notes:
- Headquarters is a place from where you prepare for a fight; from my side I am interested in war, not peace.
- The InternetPavilion was a Trojan horse to bring the ideas of Piracy and Anti-Copyright to the Venice Biennial. It was many other things also but the Piracy was what come to surface. There must be some reasons..


Looking for programmer

Wed Jul 16, 2003 14:54

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I am looking for a programmer who can make it work for Mac,

please contact if you are interested.



manetas desktop signature (2003)

turn your computer into a manetas ready made!

take the signature:

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send a picture of your desktop with the manetas signature to

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* I am looking for a programmer who can make it work for Mac,

please contact if you are interested.