Martin John Callanan
Since 2005
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Martin John Callanan (1982, United Kingdom) is an artist researching an individual's place within systems.
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Video of Post Net Aesthetics is Now Online

Agree. "Research" can consist of what comes in on your feeds right now.



How I Failed To Make Man, Benedict Drew

Fri May 13, 2011 16:30 - Tue May 31, 2011

Benedict Drew - an artist working in performance, sound and video - attempted to recreate Man using the four main elements found in humans: water, air, carbon, calcium


Büro BDP & the MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts

Thu Apr 21, 2011 19:00 - Thu May 05, 2011

Berlin, Germany

Broken Dimanche Press are delighted to announce that Büro BDP will be inaugurated with Martin John Callanan and the MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts.

Since 2007, Callanan has linked his status updates across social networking sites to display messages in unison. The updates always read “Martin John Callanan is okay“, with corresponding dates to show when they were published.

For the first exhibition at Büro BDP, Callanan has printed all the status updates on a single table sized sheet of roll paper. Using the obsolete technology of a pen plotter, which marks the text onto the paper with a standard writing pen, the text characters have been reproduced with machine precision. After the opening night, the table will gradually revert to it’s everyday use as an office desk.
The 209 updates are displayed sequentially in reserve chronological order on the MINI Museum of XXI Century Art which occupies the window on Emserstraße.


Several Interruptions: Thomson & Craighead

Tue Feb 01, 2011 18:15 - Sun Feb 13, 2011

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

an exhibition celebrating 15 Years of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art in 2011.

The Time Machine in alphabetical order, by Thomson & Craighead, is a complete rendition of the 1960 film version of HG Wells Novella re-edited by the artists into alphabetical order from beginning to end. In doing so, they attempt to perform a kind of time travel on the movie's original time-line through the use of a system of classification.