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Artists M. River and T. Whid formed MTAA in 1996 and soon after began to explore the internet, video, software and sculpture as mediums for their conceptually-based art. The duo’s exhibition history includes group shows and screenings at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Postmasters Gallery and Artists Space, all in New York City, and at The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. In "New Media Art" (Taschen, 2006), authors Mark Tribe and Reena Jana describe MTAA’s "One Year Performance Video (aka samHsiehUpdate)" as “a deftly transparent demonstration of new media’s ability to manipulate our perceptions of time.” The collaboration has earned grants and awards from Creative Capital,, Eyebeam, New Radio & Performing Arts, Inc. and The Whitney Museum of American Art.

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Briefly noted, this excellent video/Net DIY collage piece by jimpunk. You need Quicktime 7 to view. The elements of the grid, the composite, and short loops could all be seen in an earlier work, Michael Ensdorf's Momentary Distractions. What jimpunk adds is the ability to mix and match clips, a slew of pop culture and historical references (a pistol-wagging Benicio Del Toro, Flight 93, Jodie Foster panicking), ambitious graphic design in the more psychedelic patterns, snippets of found and/or industrial style music, and an overall sense of anarchic humor. Net Art seems to be evolving here, or perhaps a better metaphor would be morphing into an explosively violent alien entity, like Natasha Henstridge in Species.


t-minus ‘06

Submissions sought that explore alternate methods of temporal presentation.

Deadline: January 20th, 2006

Abstract: As computers and cameras become increasingly ubiquitous, a greater number of creators are becoming interested in the artistic possibilities inherent in combining these technologies. Time-distorted video is easily realized with affordable consumer equipment, and this ability has generated a wave of image-over-time interactive ?physical computing? installations and homegrown timelapse projects. T-Minus3 seeks to bring together exceptional realizations that explore the union of digital media and time.
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nes: Submissions must either be completed works (pre-recorded DVD’s, tapes),or a detailed description of the completed piece, including length, and an abstract for the piece.

Media included in submission packages must be in DVD video format, either PAL or NTSC.

Works will be displayed at numerous locations, TBD, announcements will follow.

All copyrights to the work remain with the individual artists.

Include a one paragraph description of the piece, example media, artist(s) background, and contact information.

Please mail submissions to the following address:

T-Minus 2006
c/o Chris Jordan
149 E. Broadway #4
New York, NY 10002




Transform a Parking Spot into a PARK(ing) Space

PARK(ing) is an investigation into reprogramming a typical unit of private vehicular space by leasing a metered parking spot for public recreational activity. We identified a site in an area of downtown San Francisco that is underserved by public outdoor space and is in an ideal, sunny location between the hours of noon and 2 p.m. There we installed a small, temporary public park that provided nature, seating, and shade.

Our goal was to transform a parking spot into a PARK(ing) space, thereby temporarily expanding the public realm and improving the quality of urban human habitat, at least until the meter ran out. By our calculations, we provided an additional 24,000 square-foot-minutes of public open space that Wednesday afternoon. Build your own PARK(ing)!

View our handy construction manual.


Nicolas Bourriaud


Relational Aesthetics Glossary

Academism: 1. An attitude that involves clinging to the defunct signs and forms of one's day and rendering these aesthetic; 2. synonum: pompous (pompier) -And why wouldn`t he do something pompous, if it pays off` (Samuel Beckett)

Aesthetics: An idea that sets humankind apart from other animal species. In the end of the day, burying the dead, laughter, and suicide are just the corollaries of a deep-seated hunch, that life is an aesthetic, ritualised, shaped form.

Art: 1. General term describing a set of objects presented as part of a narrative known as art history.This narrative draws up the critical genealogy and discusses the issues raised by these objects, by way of three sub-sets: painting,sculpture, architecture.

2. Nowadays, the word 'art' seems to be no more than a semantic leftover of this narrative, whose more accurate definition would read as follows: Art is an activity consisting in producing relationships with the world with the help of signs, forms, actions and objects.

Art (The end of): 'The end of art' only exists in an idealistic view of history. We can nevertheless, and not without irony, borrow Hegel`s formula whereby 'art, for us, is a thing of the past' and turn it into a figure of style: let us remain open to what is happening in the present, which invariably exceeds, a priori, our capacities of understanding.


russian roulette - call for contribution

carlos katastrofsky:

call for contribution

"russian roulette" ( ) is a game that could end harful for your computer. click on a provided download button and get a file... but who knows which file? a picture? sound? a virus?

at the moment the variety in files is very poor, so please contribute a small file (<50k) to "russian roulette". there's no prize to win, but if your file is accepted your name will show up at the site as "contributing artist"

please send the file as attachment to: carlos.katastrofsky/at/

thanks & all the best,