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Artists M. River and T. Whid formed MTAA in 1996 and soon after began to explore the internet, video, software and sculpture as mediums for their conceptually-based art. The duo’s exhibition history includes group shows and screenings at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Postmasters Gallery and Artists Space, all in New York City, and at The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. In "New Media Art" (Taschen, 2006), authors Mark Tribe and Reena Jana describe MTAA’s "One Year Performance Video (aka samHsiehUpdate)" as “a deftly transparent demonstration of new media’s ability to manipulate our perceptions of time.” The collaboration has earned grants and awards from Creative Capital,, Eyebeam, New Radio & Performing Arts, Inc. and The Whitney Museum of American Art.

Mendi+Keith live audio stream: Four Electric Ghosts

Dear friends, Please listen in as we present songs and stories from our new work Four Electric Ghosts, created in collaboration with students in the Princeton Atelier. Inspired by Amos Tutuola’s 1954 novel My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Pac-Man (the videogame created by Toru Iwatani in 1980), Four Electric Ghosts considers the [...]



Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival at Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York. Deadline: January , 2006. Deadline: January 3, 2006. The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival seeks seek finished projects of electronic art, ready to be mounted on-line, on the theme of eco-poetics. Selected artistic interventions on electronic interfaces between sustainability and environmental thought will [...]


Lev Manovich 5 questions about digital culture - Only 5 days left

Lev Manovich 5 questions about digital culture - Only 5 days left Vito Campanelli and Danilo Capasso are working to a new book. They are approaching aesthetic and cultural implications of digital culture, towards 5 questions suggested by the new media theoric Lev Manovich. Your answers (the most interesting), will be published on the book, so if [...]


Turbulence Commission:

“mimoSa: Urban Intervention and Information Correctional Machine” by Alexandre Freire, Etienne Delacroix, Giuliano Djahdjah, Luis “Asa” Fagundes, Murmur, Ricardo Ruiz, Romano, and Tatiana Wells Needs the VLC Media Player (see main page for URL) “mimoSa” is based on the concept that people start to think critically about media when they produce and distribute it themselves. In Brazil, new systems of media production [...]


MTA Hack: Make Your Own Sign!


Over the last couple of months, we've noticed a whole slew of fake signs being put up on the subway-- seems like all you need is a copy of Photoshop, the MTA font (typographers, help us out-- what's the font called?) and some shiny card stock, and you're good to go. Can anyone else point out some examples?

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