Nadia Anderson & Fritz Donnell
Since 2007
Works in New York United States of America

KOLDmetal specializes in the fabrication of archives. Areas of forgery include:<FONT COLOR="333333"><br><blockquote>-national treasures,<br>-buried memories,<br>-passport photos,<br>-citizenship records,<br>-foreign currency,<br>-personal narratives.</blockquote></FONT>KOLDmetal has been collaborating on photography and video projects since 2005. Their photographs have recently shown in Brooklyn, China, Portland Oregon, & Athens Greece. Their most recent video project received a 2006-2007 Rhizome Commission Award.<br><br>KOLDmetal is <a href="">Fritz Donnelly</a> and <a href="">Nadia Anderson</a>.<br><br>For a free estimate or to order a forgery, please call: 917-642-6018