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NeMe is a non profit, non government, Cyprus registered cultural organisation founded in November 2004. NeMe works on two platforms - a virtual and an itinerant one - and focuses on contemporary theories and their intersection with the arts.

NeMe's itinerant platform, the "IMCA" (Independent Museum of Contemporary Art) presents NeMe projects which include, exhibitions, performances, new media events, symposia and archives. The form of the IMCA is determined as a practice or process by the nature of each project with the notion of the exhibition "space" being constantly revised and redefined.

NeMe resides in two sites:

* provides a service by publishing critical texts and filtered cultural information which includes arts news, calls as well as providing a forum for public discussion. documents of all NeMe off and on line activities.
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Re: Re: Manifesta 6 Forum Archives

Many thanks Marc, is a favourite of ours too. :)

marc garrett wrote:

> Thanks nemester...
> Great site - have been reading a lot of stuff on there recently :-)
> These 2 below for instance:
> NeMe: DARK MATTER - Activist Art and the Counter-Public Sphere by
> Gregory Sholette
> NeMe: Robotic Art Chronology by Eduardo Kac
> & more...
> marc


Manifesta 6 Forum Archives

NeMe has secured certain key posts (from 29 May - 4 June 2006) of the now closed forum of Manifesta 6 as saved by Janna, a neme and manifesta forum participant.

View the last discussions before Manifesta 6 was cancelled and its forum closed on! . also hosts articles posted in the Cypriot press regarding the M6 issue as well as a discussion regarding the M6 cancellation.


Manifesta 6 Cancelled

Manifesta 6, the Europe based international biennial of Contemporary Art, seems to have been cancelled due to disagreements between the IFM (International Foundation Manifesta) and NFA (Nicosia for Art). We have recently received an announcement by NFA and earlier today, the curators' (Mai Abu ElDahab, Anton Vidokle and Florian Waldvogel) response to that announcement in our forum at

The cancellation is a very sad both for the international art scene and for Cyprus too.

Please do contribute to the discussion either here at rhizome, at NeMe, or at the Manifesta 6 forum (whose closure seems to be imminent)


Manifesta 6 alternative forum

Responding to various posts in the official Manifesta 6 forum at we offer as an alternative forum for discussing the M6 issues.

We offer this space in the spirit of open debate, free speech, the right to information and the demand for accountability.

Please note that if we expect others to be accountable for their actions, we too must not shield ourselves behind the cloak of anonymity. So lets really promote openness and engagement in this most vital discussion.

for Neme
Helene Black + Yiannis Colakides


Call for Submissions from Displaced People

Tue May 30, 2006 00:00

Call for Submissions from Displaced People from all disciplines, no age or nationality restrictions.

Artists Sheila Pinkel and Helene Black together with NeMe Interdisciplinary Collective invite submissions for participation in an exhibition to be held in Castelliotissa, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The exhibition will run parallel to the opening weeks of Manifesta 6 which will be held in Nicosia from 23/09/2006 until 17/12/2006

The focus of the exhibition is displacement and memory, whether political, economic or environmental. The exhibition, through connecting different sites and different people will be searching for a contemporary perception of the realities and dilemmas which confront displaced people.

Please submit one work which encapsulates a personal memory, desire or fragment of experience. The size of the submitted work should not exceed A4 (8 1/2" x 11", 21 x 29.5cm) and can also be in any art media including text, poetry, photograph, sketch, painting etc.
Please note that for this exhibition we do not accept video or web art submissions.

NeMe is currently seeking funding to publish a catalogue with a selection of the submissions.

Please visit
for more details about how to submit

Castelliotissa, Nicosia Cyprus

Invitation/Call for works: April 13 - May 31, 2006
Deadline for Works: May 31, 2006
Exhibition: September 30 - October 23, 2006