nicholas economos
Since the beginning
Works in Shaker Heights, Ohio United States of America

Nicholas Economos is an artist and educator living in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, USA. His art practice includes work in software art, reactive media art, sound, video, and animation. He is an Editor Emeritus for at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC, previously editing content for the web site and the Rhizome Rare email list over numerous years. His awards include an Individual Artist Project Grant in Film, Media, and New Technology Production from the New York State Council on the Arts and an Individual Excellence Award in Media Arts from the Ohio Arts Council.

He has exhibited at Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY, Art in General in New York City, Fylkingen in Stockholm, Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, SESI Gallery in Sao Paulo City, Window Project Space in Auckland, New Zealand, Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, Chiangmai New Media Art Festival in Thailand, DigiFest DXNet in Toronto, and the Cyberarts Festival in Boston. He has been a frequent artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York and is included in the DVD anthology, "ETC: 1969 - 2009" covering 40 years of video arts at ETC. He was previously a visiting professor with the Department of Expanded Media at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University in Alfred, NY and now teaches in the T.I.M.E.-Digital Arts Department at The Cleveland Institute of Art.

Jan 30: Loud Objects, Zach Layton, Sawako live at the Gershwin

Tuesday, Jan 30: curated by Neke Carson, Loud Objects (Tristan Perich, Kunal Gupta, Katie Shima) will be joined by sine-wave sensualist Zach Layton at the Gershwin Hotel, a place that has been home to many artists in the past. The Loud Objects -- working with smoking soldering irons on an overhead projector -- wire up live musical circuits, manipulating electronic music. Zach Layton will accompany this dense soundtrack with an enveloping sonic fabric woven out of pure sinusoidal oscillations. Beautiful miss sound-scape Sawako will open the night, so please don't be late!

Jan 30, 2007, 8PM
Gershwin Hotel
7 E. 27th (between 5th Ave and Madison)
$10/$5 student

Loud Objects -
Zach Layton -
Sawako -
Gershwin Hotel -



M U L T I M E D I A L E p r e v i e w

M a r k C o o l e y | A r t i s t T a l k

I n t r o d u c t i o n b y M u l t i m e d i a l e c u r a t

o r N i e l s V a n T o m m e
c u r a t o r ' s o f f i c e
t h u r s d a y, j a n u a r y 1 8 7 p m

curator's office
1515 14th street nw
suite 201
washington, dc 20005


curator's office is pleased to present a free preview program for
the upcoming Multimediale festival in April of 2007. Mark Cooley is a new genre artist interested in exploring politics,
economics, power, identity, and visual rhetoric in American popular
culture. His work has been shown internationally in online and
offline venues such as Exit Art, Postmasters Gallery, and

Multimediale is an innovative four day new media art festival
curated by Niels Van Tomme that brings together a multiplicity of
people and ideas around the theme, ‘Art as Mediation’. The festival
will run April 19-23, 2007 and will be headquartered at Provisions
Library and American University, Washington DC. (online soon)

Called the hippest tiniest gallery in town by Jeffry Cudlin of "The

Washington City Paper", curator's office is a micro-gallery

dedicated to presenting progressive works and ideas.

But we are a small space, so RSVPs are essential.
info@curatorsoffice ...


Exibition Piemonte Share Festival2007

Event: “Piemonte Share Festival 2007” Festival of culture and arts linked to the new media and digital technologies When: from Tuesday, 23rd January to Sunday, 28th January 2007 Where: Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti main premises Via Accademia Albertina, 6 - Torino website: e.mail

INAUGURATION: Accademia Albertina Tuesday 23rd January 2007 from 6 to 10 pm With aperitif and live performances

EXHIBITION: Share Award 2007 From Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th January 2007 Accademia Albertina Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from: 10 am – 8 pm /Saturday, Sunday from: 2 –8 pm

The works of the six Share Prize 2007 finalists will be exhibited in the Accademia Albertina exhibition rooms. The works that have been selected for the final phase are: [more...]


Hz #9

Hz #9 presents:


THE COMPOSITION-INSTRUMENT: MUSICAL EMERGENCE AND INTERACTION by Nobert Herber Composer and sound artist Nobert Herber explores the question "What kinds of compositional technique can be used to create a music" in the field of computer games and interactive digital media where the line between "composition" and "instrument" is increasingly blurred.

LeWITT’S IDEAL CHILDREN by Domenico Quaranta "Software art is conceptual art's acknowledged son" is the hypothesis around which art critic and curator Domenico Quaranta builds his anyalisis on genealogy of software art: "Is the history of conceptual art relevant to the idea of software as art?"

DISSONANCE, SEX AND NOISE: (RE)BUILDING (HI)STORIES OF ELECTROACOUSTIC MUSIC by Miguel Álvarez Fernández Composer, musicologist and curator Miguel Álvarez Fernández deconstructs the reading of history of electroacoustic music through the concepts of dissonance and noise.

BEHIND TECHNOLOGY: SAMPLING, COPYLEFT, WIKIPEDIA AND TRANSFORMATION OF AUTHORSHIP AND CULTURE IN DIGITAL MEDIA by Sachiko Hayashi With sampling as starting point, artist Sachiko Hayashi relocates several issues relevant to the culture of digital media.*

OPENING UP PUBLIC SPACE by Art Clay By "using wearable computing technology within global ubiquitous networks as an art tool," sound artist Art Clay's new project "China Gate" opens up our civic space for "one of the most important functions of public performance: social interaction."

TIME AND REAL-TIME IN ONLINE ART by Ewa Wojtowicz "If there is a navigable cyberspace – does it imply navigable time as well?" New Media Art historian Ewa Wojtowicz examines net art practice that employs time from various perspectives.

[Hz Net Gallery]


15x15 by Richard Vickers

CITYSNAPPER_5[BERLIN] by Olivier Vanderaa


{TRANSCRIPTION} by Michael Takeo Magrude

Hz is an on-line journal published by the non-profit art organization ...


NOW: Meetings in the Present Continuous

NOW is a working platform that will take place at the CCCB from 2006 to 2009. The project reflects on the present on the basis of the scientific, technological, artistic, social and spiritual transformations taking place at the start of the 21st century — because today it is no longer possible to explain art and culture without interiorizing scientific concepts and working with a systemic view of the world.

NOW is a process of research, creation and diffusion bringing together different local and international agents involved in promoting a change of paradigm in the information and knowledge society and in globalized cultures


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Re: Website Unseen *special*

hey, was going to publish this but the link <>
is dead...opps

> x-posting, bah!
> please forward, post widely and wildly:
> +++++++++++++
> <>
> +++++++++++++
> MTAA make a desperate ploy for the net art audience's ATTENTION
> +++++++++++++
> We sure hope so.
> +++++++++++++
> +++++++++++++
> On August 16, 1999 MTAA (M.River & T.Whid Art Associates) launched
> their online project "Website Unseen"
> <>. The project offered
> one hundred titles for art web sites that MTAA promised to build for
> $US 100.00 per website. On August 06, 2001, after 15 commissions
> resulting from the original "Website Unseen" opportunity, MTAA
> withdrew the offer. Since the close, one new site has been
> commissioned by special agreement. This brings the total number of
> completed "Website Unseen" commissions to sixteen.
> To celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of "Website Unseen," MTAA is
> offering one more project for sale under the "classic offer", that
> is, it'll only cost you one hundred bucks.
> +++++++++++++
> +++++++++++++
> See all the completed commissions linked from the "Title List"
> <>. When you
> commission a "Website Unseen" you get all the files comprising the
> artwork on CD-ROM with a signed certificate of authenticity and a
> "collector's page". All links to your project go through the
> "collector's page" which lists your name, date of commission and
> other details concerning your "Website Unseen".
> +++++++++++++
> +++++++++++++
> Contact MTAA at or and tell us in
> which title you're interested. Consult the "Website Unseen Title
> List" <> to pick your
> title. When you contact MTAA please provide:
> 1. Your full name
> 2. The Website Unseen Title you would like to commission
> 3. An email address
> 4. A physical address
> MTAA will complete only one title under this new offer. How will we
> decide who to choose from the overwhelming response we're
> anticipating? We won't divulge the process but each petition will be
> sufficiently vetted, you have our assurance.
> +++++++++++++
> +++++++++++++
> Other people and institutions who have commissioned work from MTAA:
> The Whitney Museum of American Art
> The Alternative Museum
> Mark Napier, artist
> Yael Kanarek, artist
> Doran Golan, artist and collector,
> Mark Tribe, creator of
> Carol Stakenas, Creative Time Deputy Director & Curator
> Rheinhold Grether, the legendary toy.WARRIOR
> For more information regarding "Website Unseen" please see these
> links:
> and
> +++++++++++++
> We'll contact our new patron before June 15th and launch the title on
> August 16, 2003, the Four Year Anniversary.
> +++++++++++++
> [permanent archive of this post at:


Re: Re: Re: Re: Mouchette?

Thanks, I suppose exercising patience can be a character building experience. No pics of Mouchette may be hard to take though...please be sure to photo the dynamic duo if they are at Eyebeam tonight.

> i'm afraid you do have to wait... i don't have the usb cable for my
> camera, forgot it at home, so i can't post the pics :-(
> i didn't take any photos of mouchette however. it will be nicer when
> i can post with the photos and make one overall report of the net art
> happenings in nyc.
> take care
> >thanks t.whid, I thought you may have some pics but do I have to
> >wait to find out who Mouchette might be? BTW, good article about
> >JODI you forwarded from the Times. wish I could be there too!
> >nicholas
> >
> >
> >> I'll post some pics tomorrow as well as some of the Jodi opening
> >> tonight.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> >would love to know what happened as well -
> >> >try as i might, i couldn't get into the web broadcast
> >> >was it archived anywhere ?
> >> >
> >> >On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 05:10 pm, nicholas economos wrote:
> >> >
> >> >> Ok, I went kite flying yesterday. I couldn't be in town but I
> am
> >> >>interested in knowing what happened at PostMasters yesterday.
> So,
> >> >>who staged Mouchette?
> >> >> thanks,
> >> >> nicholas
> --
> <twhid>
> </twhid>


Re: Re: Mouchette?

thanks t.whid, I thought you may have some pics but do I have to wait to find out who Mouchette might be? BTW, good article about JODI you forwarded from the Times. wish I could be there too!

> I'll post some pics tomorrow as well as some of the Jodi opening
> tonight.
> >would love to know what happened as well -
> >try as i might, i couldn't get into the web broadcast
> >was it archived anywhere ?
> >
> >On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 05:10 pm, nicholas economos wrote:
> >
> >> Ok, I went kite flying yesterday. I couldn't be in town but I am
> >>interested in knowing what happened at PostMasters yesterday. So,
> >>who staged Mouchette?
> >> thanks,
> >> nicholas
> --
> <twhid>
> </twhid>



Ok, I went kite flying yesterday. I couldn't be in town but I am interested in knowing what happened at PostMasters yesterday. So, who staged Mouchette?


diSTILLation and More, video work

Sat Apr 12, 2003 00:00 - Tue Apr 08, 2003

diSTILLation and more

Kl 20, Lordag 12:e april pa Fylkingen

diSTILLation and more visar video direkt fran New York, bl.a. ett nytt verk av William Pope.L, deltagare i Whitney Biennalen 2002, och verk av Walter Wright som var Assistant Director pa Kitchen under 70-talet och ar expert pa Paik/Abe videosynthesizer.

arr: Lydia Grey och Sachiko Hayashi
Fylkingen (Munchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, T-bana: Mariatorget)

diSTILLation and more shows two independent video programmes, each featuring a specific major tendency in latest video art.

The first programme diSTILLation , curated by Lydia Grey, features nine video works by ten contemporary artists in USA. Each piece has a performative element, a use of the body, as an integral part of the work. Through private performances for camera only or through public events where video is one element in an audience, in the works of diSTILLation the body performs simultaneously with and for the camera.

The second programme and more consists of 6 video works by 4 participants at the 7th Not Still Art Festival, an annual international video screening festival in New York sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts. By utilising his/her unique background as film-maker, fine artist, trance VJ, etc., each individual artist of and more has chosen to work in a form where the integration and interaction between non-narrative visual elements and various sounds/music through high use of technology is of highest priority in creation of video art.

April 12, 8 PM
venue: Fylkingen (Munchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, underground station: Mariatorget)

curated and organized by Lydia Grey and Sachiko Hayashi


Darrell Wilson: Arc for Raquaan, 2002
Dawn Auvgne: Going Through the Motions, 2000
Heather Freeman: Erste Woken auf Himmel des jungen Gluecks, 1999
Clifford Owens & Young W. Lee: Dress You Up In My Love, 2002
Jim Jeffers: Reentry Vehicles, 2001
Michael Maxwell: Exhibition and Burning of Paintings, 1999
Wayne Hodge: untitled, 2002
William Pope.L: Syllogism, 2002
Lydia Grey: Bath, 2002

and more

Daina Krumins: Summer Light, 2001
Walter Wright: Variations, 2002
Walter Wright: Kamloopsloops, 2001
Nicholas Economos: Forty-Fives, 2001
Nicholas Economos: Flutter, 2001
Aix Battoe: Dream of the Jinni, 2002


ARC FOR RAQUAAN by Darrell Wilson
Darrell Wilson