Nick Fortunato
Since 2008
Works in Baldwin, New York United States of America

Mashing the past with the present, my work is an exploration of America's visual history through the lens of modern day technology. I am a video, installation, and electronic artist.

In my work you'll find Gene Kelly's superhuman acrobatics manipulated to celebrate the Wright Brothers achievements. Excerpts of Benjamin Franklin's Almanack posted via Twitter as an celebration of the timelessness of social interactions. The afterimages created by a cacophony of fan's flashbulbs at an Evel Knievel jump to create a simultaneous portrait of the legend and of ourselves. Re-created 19th Century Spiritualist photography to elevate the unbelievable but often taken for granted ability to see anything, anytime through a Google image search.

When I make a piece of Art, the means I use to communicate an idea are equally paramount to the idea itself. Technology is not just my weapon of choice, it is often fundamental to the idea I'm exploring. My work has a strong conceptual foundation that can challenge the viewer intellectually while at the same time equally able to engage and move them with the experience of viewing alone.


My work has been exhibited at Mass MoCA (North Adams, MA), The Brooklyn Museum, Rhizome at The New Museum's ArtBase, Exit Art, The Kitchen, Not Still Art Festival, Princeton University, Bard College, and the Columbia County Film festival to name a few.

I designed the video and still images for STREB’s internationally touring shows 'Action Heroes' and 'GO!'. I performed video with STREB at Central Park Summerstage, Singapore Arts Festival and Teatro Municipal de Santiago (Chile) to name a few.

I co-founded - a place for affordable, editioned Art presenting new Artists, new images and ideas.

I co-founded 10 Gallon Productions with the mission to enable clients to communicate with their customers using the latest digital technologies in the most creative ways.

I was the Associate Director of Electronic Music Foundation, helping to launch that organization.

I was a frequent guest performer (Live Video ((a.k.a., VJ))) with the musical group INTERFACE.

I contributed several compositions to the Frog Peak / Chris Mann CD "Collaborations Project".

Since 2001 I have been working at the intersection of entertainment, advertising and creativity for a variety of commercial online properties.