Nil Bartolozzi Aymami was born in Barcelona, on 9 october 1985. 2 years later he was going to live on the land, to the little village of Vespella de Gaia, on the Tarragones region. Coming from a family of artists...quite connected to the art and artistic expressivity, as a good observant always noticing a lot in his environment with a great sensibility for all kinds of types of gestures, situations, forms… Since he was a child he was willing to be envolved in adventures, fears nothing in artistic concepts, always willing to confront big challenges. His specialty… Creation, his preferred middle of expresión… Drawing. Nil Bartolozzi “The Fertile Creator”. When i'm going to live in the country and there I discovered the power of growth, the wonder of climbing a tree and seeing the amount of things from a different point of view, seeing the amount of things between the branches, shadows reflected on water when it moves, where it's possible to see more, and I started to draw shapes in space, just mentally. And like a tree that grows unstoppably, adsorbing minerals, I have allowed myself to be carried away by creative nature. -