OKKULT Motion Pictures
Since 2013
Works in torino Italy

OKKULT Motion Pictures
Culture, education and knowledge through animated GIFs.
by Marco Calabrese & Alessandro Scali from Turin, Italy.

Our work is divided in two main categories:

EXCERPTS: a collection of animated gifs excerpted from out-of-copyright/unknown/historical moving images. A digital archivalism project for the diffusion of open knowledge - link: http://bit.ly/15dKe8p

OKKULTGIFS: selfmade animated gifs - link: http://bit.ly/1ew1f1f

Collaborations & Projects

OKKULT Motion Pictures: animated GIFs curators for The Public Domain Review: http://publicdomainreview.org/animated-gifs/

OKKULT Motion Pictures is among the very restricted number of international artists selected by giphy.com. You can visit our artistic account here: http://giphy.com/okkultmotionpictures

OKKULT Motion Pictures is also among the 52 creators/curators selected worldwide by Internet Archive and invited to partecipate in the Internet Archive Tumblr Residency: http://bit.ly/13A9kgg


OKKULT Motion Pictures on The Creators Project blog: http://goo.gl/dR512
Prosthetic Knowledge post about OKKULT Motion Pictures: http://goo.gl/Xznrms