Since 2005
Works in Gothenburg Sweden

Jimpalt was born as Olle Essvik in 1976 in Gothenburg, Sweden where he lives and works.In his works he often work with nature and technology and how they correspond. The Works originate in how technology is used in nature and how we use technology in order to recreate nature or how we bring it into our everyday lives. The artworks are poetic and manifest them selves as installations, computer-games, sculptures, prints and software’s.
His art pieces could also be seen as anti-technology even if the technique he is using could be computers. I’m interested in how machines inhuman our way to live our lives. How does the fact that we spend our life’s in front of machines affect our lives in memories, dreams and communication? Where’s the romantic part of our computerized life’s? He ask and make art pieces that correspond to these questions.
Read more at: http://www.jimpalt.org