Pascual Sisto
Since 2004
Works in Los Angeles, California United States of America

Raised in Barcelona, Spain. Lives and works in Los Angeles. Pascual graduated with a BFA from the Art Center College of Design and an MFA from UCLA. His film and video work has been shown widely, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA) in Buenos Aires, TVE (Spanish Television) and the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. Recent exhibitions include the LA Freewaves at the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, USA) Reencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Festival (Paris, France), Viper Festival (Basel, Switzerland), Ego Park Gallery (Oakland, USA), MAK Center for Art and Architecture (Los Angeles, USA), Bytheway Projects (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Telic Arts Exchange (Los Angeles, USA) and Bitforms Gallery (New York, USA).
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Screening — Whirlpool

might be good to post all into one message in the future



Mall Rats

and another (this was the title / text sculpture for the show)



When you go surfclubbin', don't forget your hat.

1. Do you know who Marcel Duchamp is?*
Of course

2. Do you know who Roland Barthes is?
Brings me right back to film school

3. Do either of them have any bearing on art practice?

4. Does an artist who uses a computer have to be able to "program" it?
I hope not

5. Is a blog a multiple choice format?

6. Does a blog limit artistic expression?

7. Is "finding" enough or must one also "make?"
As long as you make something out of what you find

8. Which is more interesting, the network or the content on the network?
Both exist through content

9. Is a scan of a photo of a painting on a blog "net art"?
Is Richard Prince an artist?

10. Which is better, blog pages that change every day or static, fixed pages?
All of the above or None of the Above

11. Which is better, pages where new content is at the top or pages where you have to hunt for the content?
Top not better, but easier

12. Is speed a virtue on the Internet or is slowness a valid experience?
Speed is a must

13. Broken links: cool or uncool?
404 error: Answer not found

14. Which is the best way to communicate--email ListServs or blog comments?
Email = SMS / Chat = Phone Call

15. Is the design of a page more important or the content on the page?
Design should be equivalent to the content.

16. Are default templates unartistic?
Depends (i.e. what if work is about defaults)

17. Are computers good and are they helping us to be a better species?
Good yes, not making us any better though. We can "appear" to be better, prettier and smarter (in a Baudrillardian way).

18. Should every artwork question its own means of implementation?

19. Is an artwork an individual statement in space and time or could it be cumulative?
All of the above

20. When a group of artists agree on a set of conventions is that significant or insignificant?
Significant for the artists in question