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Vanessa Gocksch aka PatadePerro, is an artist that was born in the north but opted for the south. Traveling from Brussels to Miami then Mexico, now she resides in Cartagena de Indias on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. She studied visual arts with an emphasis in sculpture in Florida International University, La Cambre - Ecole Superieure de Arts Plastique and Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. She has worked in many different mediums including sculpture, etching, photography, installation, performance, video and documentary. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Mexico, Colombia, Brooklyn, Miami and London. As of the year 2000 she started venturing into the digital realm, self teaching herself the tools necessary to communicate and create in what she calls an indispensable medium when located in a “remote” region of the planet. She is presently performing as a video jockey under the name of Pata de Perro, as well as producing a documentary and developing the project Intermundos and its website.
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Re: Fw: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: Re: Can company logos be used in artwork?

Hey Manik, How did you do that? - stressful


Re: Re: Can company logos be used in artwork?

Hello, Thanks for all answers.
Steve I agree with you that this is defenetly an interesting subject. I have to say, I was never concerned with it much as an individual publishing content on the internet, as I know that these laws are still somewhat loose.
Yet now we are about to become a non profit - because in Colombia everything is very hard to do, there is very very little distribution and less alternative networks, so we are pretty much obliged to take this route in order to try and create an option to communicate and to try to obtain funding. But now I see that as an instutution we have to be more carefull in order to not loose credibiltity or become marginalised - which is a harsh option in a classist/censored society.
It is very sad to think that by becoming a non profit we might have to give up on anarchy and rebellion though - so I think I must find loopeholes beforehand in order for everything to be "kosher".
Perhaps the typicial " this "non profit" is not responsable for the content of work represented here by third parties" or whatever the legal terms are??? Maybe I could say that the particualr art work with the logos was made by an indian from a nomadic tribe in the amazon and I dont know where he is now"?

Another concern - as far as copyright:
There is an artist in Colombia who during the 70's and 80's copied thousands of precolombian designs and published 4 amazing books to which he owns the copyright. I have some of these on my website:
Soon I will go speak to him to try and convince him to publish more online under the creative commons lisence. If he refuses he is protected by his copyright. BUT that would really anger me as the original deigns are PRECOLOMBIAN INDIGENOUS DESIGNS and so the partmony of humanity, it would be a crime for these designs not to be distributed so that the world can see this amazing art.

One more question is "trademark" crime punished by fines or jail??
Sorry so paranoid, its a colombian thing, there is alot of fear around here.


Re: Re: Can company logos be used in artwork?

Hello, Thank you for all answers. One more question: Are these "trademark crimes" punished by fines or jail time?
I am broke as hell and live in Colombia, so frankly as an individual I feel that suing me would be quiet a waste of time, as I own nothing and have no official salary.(povrety's benefits)
But I became concerned because we are on the verge of becoming a non profit organization - in order to get grants etc. - so as an institution we have more to loose - credibility / can be sued.
Now, I wonder, is it worth becoming a non profit if it implies that the spirit of anarchy and rebelion has to be subdued to mold itself to all the laws? How to work around this? Is it suficient to say - "This "non profit" is not accountable for content of third parties represented on this website" - or whatever the legal formula is? If it is so we could host the work of diferent "artists" (maybe I could say "An indian who lives in a nomadic tribe in the Amazon made this political animation in flash, but I dont know where he is now"

As far as being in Colombia - yes I am in Colombia, but my hosting service is in the USA - I am not shure where my residency is - I dont think that Colombian individuals will get mad at me - being politically active in Colombia is not a healthy thing, but thats another problem to deal with....and it is possibly more real then being sued. I dont know. I live in a counrty where fear keeps everybody pretty quiet, this perhpas this is also a reason why I worry, I have been conditioned so.


Can company logos be used in artwork?

Hi, I am making an animation of the war in colombia and would like to include about 20 logos from transnationals. Is this legal - protected by the fact that its "art" or not? If not - can I protect myself by altering the logo - for example changing a letter?
Do these companies care anyway? Probably depends on extent of coverage?
I remember about a year ago the case of an art group and their being sued for their use of the NIKE logo - I rember that they won the case, but dont remember the details- what was their name?

thanks, Vanessa