Since 2007

Paul Robert is a Canadian interdisciplinary (or maybe non-disciplinary) artist living in Calgary. Often relying on tricks issuing from the principles of linear perspective, his installations, sculptural objects, videos, stereoscopes and public interventions have explored the limits of language and the mind in imposing order on images or data received by the senses.
Since 2004, he has been steadily dabbling with web programming, creating web-based projects that seek to re-iterate the question, "what is a computer?" These mimic typical web-based applications insofar as they respond dynamically to user input, but fail to serve a definable purpose, or to relate to anything outside of their own logical structure. By presenting form without specific content, what is foregrounded is simply the computer's capacity for computation, and the conventions that influence its development, future directions, and users.
He has a Master of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University and is an active member of TRUCK gallery.