Paul Slocum
Since 2003
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hacker artist and musician in Dallas, working a lot with old computer/videogame junk.




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Required Reading

I agree that it seems a little odd to post this article as "Required Reading" on Rhizome without any disclaimer considering how poor the article is. Me and everyone I talked to choked on our coffee repeatedly while reading this article due to things like: Ben's definition of art from the dark ages, poor artwork examples and opinions pulled from another article, and attempts at classification that make no practical sense. Personally, I think Ben appears to be a decent writer from looking at his other work, but this piece is another example showing how the "art world" just doesn't understand new media or the internet because they obviously don't spend any real time with it.



Wikipedia Art

I think I prefer: the time I went to the Leonardo DiCaprio entry and it was just the word "gay" copied 1000 times.

Here are the two artists contribution pages on Wikipedia:
Scott Kildall
Nathaniel Stern

I looked into this because I was wondering if they had enough experience with Wikipedia to know that there is no way the article would last more than a few days. I only have 6X the contribs of these guys, but I've participated in enough deletion discussions to know that Wikipedia nerds ain't gunna put up with this kind of shit. They're gunna just delete and direct you to this article, but Supercentral (and probably others) kinda already did that.

If they knew it was going to be deleted, then I respect their trolling, but thousands of kids with lots of free time have already explored this concept on Wikipedia to my satisfaction. If they thought they could really maybe keep the article on Wikipedia, then personally I think they didn't learn enough about their medium before they dipped into the "paint".


transformer fire (2008) - Paul Slocum

Whoa, lot of stuff here! Thanks for the nice comments guys. I was happy with the way the gallery version turned out too. In the future I'll probably be working with the "sideways video" format quite a bit. It just makes sense! ;o)


The Rematerialization of Art

My thing in the show is from Thierry's collection, so they didn't really need my permission. But I'm totally siked to have something in a show with such awesome artists.

Since this show runs in parallel with an art fair going on in Brussels and quite a few of the works are from a huge private new media collection located in Brussels, the collecting theme makes some sense to me. Turning some new collectors on to new media seems like an okay idea.