QUIM Alcantara
Since 2010
Works in Sao Paulo Brazil

Quim is a Brazilian painter who applies everything he sees and lives in his work. His contemporary paintings are full of color, movement and life.
See the QUIM's works at http://quim.com.br

QUIM was born at Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1981.
Grew up among paintings of his family - the sister of his mother was a painter (Mª Inês A. Almeida), and two of the sisters of his father are artists too (Gogó and Pimpa).
QUIM worked with them and studied arts, marketing and design before start painting for himself.

If you have any thoughts or questions about my artwork, please feel free to e-mail atendimento@quim.com.br or http://quim.com.br/contato
Your thoughts, comments, and critiques are welcome as any feedback will provide me insight that will help me to continue improvement of my paintings.