The exploration of the possibilities and limits of artistic expression is a fundamental element in my work. I use various media (such as Internet, video, performance) and multiple formats in order to deepen the movement and implementation of languages and the nature of the creative process. This interest has led me to question the notion of authorship which is linked to the artistic tradition, doing collaborative works with musician Anders Hattne,various dancers and other visual artists.

Also, I together with Noemí Laviana part of the performing arts group APATCHES (www.apatches.net) combining motion and live video.

I think my role as an artist is to use the new tools we have available and discover their potential for diffusion and permeation of art in society. This belief coupled with the need to establish more direct contact with the public, which has taken me to expand my work with video to Internet and make real-time video integrated stageing proposals.