Rhys Turner
Since 2002
Works in Stanmore Australia

Emerging Sydney based artist Rhys Turner merges art and technology in hope to enlighten through the viewer/user/author experience of his art. Completing a Masters of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in Media Arts in 2005 and winning an Australian Postgraduate Award for the degree, Rhys Turner has been interested in new media modes since exhibiting in the students section of 2001: A space Odyssey: Sensation and Immersion, NSW Art Gallery 2001. His work moves through different new media forms form Web, Video, NetArt, Interactive Sculpture and Interactive Installations.

Turner’s Masters work Video Stereo and Tracer was a part of his body of work Etherscapes. Video Stereo uses a 1200 Technics turntable, a computer system and a modified 1960s stereo unit to allow the audience to physically interact with video and sound. Tracer takes another step and uses a web camera to track audience movement in the space and then triggers different video clips. Both these pieces explores how the influence Media effects society and attempts to reverse that process by giving control of the Image to the audience. Other themes of his work develop the idea of non-linear, chaos and ‘micro’ narratives as well as alternative interfaces and the digital aesthetic. Turners work challenges traditional modes of perception in hope of promoting thought and ideas of current social trends and ‘Image’.

During a residency at CESTA in Tabor, Czech Republic, Rhys Turner met EU and A little Mistake, a performance group made up of 4 dancers and has wanted to work with them to create engaging art ever since. Turner work, during the stay, was an interactive tunnel with help from his collaborators using sensors, which triggered sound and light through physical computing. Eu & a Little Mistake, during their stay, demonstrated a synergy of contemporary performance, dance and narrative which captivated the audience with its innovative physical language boasting a true uniqueness and seamlessness between the artists. Their work begged to be explored and extended with media art by Turner. Though Turner and Eu & a Little Mistake didn’t get to collaborate at CESTA a fusion of ideas and an investigation art project grew out of the residency. The ideas are in proposal form in hope of realizing the project during a collaborative process and residency soon. The idea explores communication and awareness of contemporary social culture through explorative a performance/dance/narrative with an interactive system involving the audience and the artists. The Project is called Move. Play. Find.

Turners most recent work, Heard, an Experimenta Commissioned Artwork, showing in Melbourne Brood Box Gallery 12th Feburary 2010 uses a complex tracking technology where visitors wear a headpiece and become a character both physical and virtually on a projected 3d environment. Each character has a story to tell through conversations that are heard by moving around the space and interacting with the work. The artwork explores online culture in physical space and is a new non-linear narrative form.

Websites: www.rtek.com.au www.gogetheard.com www.digital-dirt.com.au

Melissa Ramos

Melissa Ramos is an emerging new media artist. Graduating in Electronic Arts at the University of
Western Sydney, School of Contemporary Arts in 2003. She frequently uses, as the setting for her
projects, places marked emotionally and sensitive in some specific way, conducting multi-layered
realities on nature, culture and technology issues. Producing a body of experiments from photography,
video, sound, installation, site specific, performance and web base artworks.

Melissa Ramos has exhibited in Sydney, Performance Space, Gallery 4A, First Draft, Casula
Powerhouse, Fairfield Art Centre, Blacktown Art Centre, Scott Donovan Gallery, Art Gallery of NSW
and internationally, Kuala Lumpur National Gallery, Manila Metropolitan Museum, and Bangkok
National Gallery.

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Heard an Experimenta Commission

Fri Feb 12, 2010 00:00 - Wed Jan 20, 2010



Heard is an interactive artwork exploring cultural and social views through sophisticated tracking technology in virtual as well as physical space. This work explores ideas around online social networking environments and how the proliferation of these spaces effect the way by which people relate and interact with one another.

The opening is at 6pm Friday
Brood Box
8 Rankins Lane Melbourne / off lt Bourke Street
between Queen + Elizabeth Street
Mobile 0412 495 899 / info@broodbox.com.au

Rhys Turner 0409957901 rhysturner@rtek.com.au / www.rtek.com.au / www.gogetherd.com

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