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Interview with Mark Amerika

Amerika describes himself as a "thoughtographer", an "artist-medium", a "fictional philosopher", a "remixologist", a "network conductor", a wanderer who constantly changes identities and roles in a fragmentary world where time acquires an a-synchronic and non real dimension. By trying to express the complexity and the interest of contemporary digital reality, he delves into different aspects of himself and draws on elements and traits that he transfers to the characters of his works, by using the media, the technological platforms of our time. Developing projects on the net, filming with mobile phones, remixing common moments and figures of today's culture in a VJ-like audiovisual rhythm, Amerika redefines the characteristics of today's culture and opens up the possibilities for new interpretations and thoughts from the audience itself. -- "UNREALTIME" at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens

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These blogs n reblogs have been my favorite sites on the web in the last year or so. Great to see them get some airtime here on the rhiz.. thanks Ceci + JMB


Conference Report: NET.ART (SECOND EPOCH)

400 years from now, if anyone is actually looking back at today, my guess is that this will all be called "video art." All the Vasulkas and the Rists, the Jodis and the Rhizomes, will be blurbs in the same chapter.

And maybe we internet artists need to embrace our video-ness some more.

If we are going to nitpick and start parsing up tiny net art epochs n what-nots, there is a good argument to be made that a 2nd wave actually started here
on Sunday May 11th, 2003 at exactly 4:36 PM (Paris? time)
with this (first) post:
"i don't want to have a blog"
( http://jimpunk.blogspot.com/2003_05_11_archive.html#94149269#94149269 )

and continued on with

and then

and on to

and on and on and on

p.s. isn’t it kind of sad that now when you tell someone about superbad (.com) they think of that movie?