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Interview with Mark Amerika

Amerika describes himself as a "thoughtographer", an "artist-medium", a "fictional philosopher", a "remixologist", a "network conductor", a wanderer who constantly changes identities and roles in a fragmentary world where time acquires an a-synchronic and non real dimension. By trying to express the complexity and the interest of contemporary digital reality, he delves into different aspects of himself and draws on elements and traits that he transfers to the characters of his works, by using the media, the technological platforms of our time. Developing projects on the net, filming with mobile phones, remixing common moments and figures of today's culture in a VJ-like audiovisual rhythm, Amerika redefines the characteristics of today's culture and opens up the possibilities for new interpretations and thoughts from the audience itself. -- "UNREALTIME" at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens

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working title

friends, enemies, friends of friends, and enemies of enemies,

new project up online / quicktime and sound up:






Society of the Spectacle (A Digital Remix)

Immediate Release

November 6, 2004

Boulder, CO - DJRABBI, a digital art and performance collective, based in the
United States and Brazil, is releasing the second printing of their popular DVD
entitled "Society of the Spectacle (A Digital Remix)". The DVD premiered in
February 2004 at the Batofar and Divan du Monde in Paris and has since been
featured in many venues including Machinista (Glasgow), Ciberart-Bilbao, dART/
Sydney Film Fest, and many other international festivals. Over the last month,
exhibitions are or have been taking place at the Digital Interconnection 2004
(Tokyo), Canariasmediafest (Las Palmas), and backup (Weimar). A solo exhibition
in the Art Space of the Public Library Eindhoven (Holland) was just completed.

RealTime Magazine says:
"[Society of the Spectacle is] a furious collage of black and white images (and
sudden flarings of colour) and theory-saturated subtitles that you can only
grasp at as they roll by, occasionally recognise, and go with the odd beauty of
their flow," says Realtime magazine. "It's appropriately playful... pulsing,
pop-ish and engrossing


Re: John Kerry Rocks

grandmaster bush (grandmaster flash vs. george bush video mix):


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bboy no comply

in the next hour here 'bboy no comply' my new radio show on burn.fm will
premiere. live broadcast times are:

+ 11AM - LA

+ 2PM - NYC


the show will be archived in high res at burn.fm.

:: http://www.burn.fm
:: http://www.cuechamp.com



a very well done video from mocky;

using google-image-searches as the source for video work...

same technique i used for this project: http://www.djrabbi.com/sospreview.h=

but in mocky's piece the google-search part is much more transparent.