River Hunt
Since 2008

I'm an Artist, Writer and Visionary :)

I work in a range of media exploring the fusion of fine-art and technology, influenced by memetics, nano-technology, human genome and a range of mind technologies.

My work is exhibited world-wide through leading net.art sites. My main website http://www.riverhunt.org showcases my thoughts and ideas on fine-art in a technological warped world

You may also be interested in my Model Human Personal Development and Mind Technology Review site: www.modelhuman.com Or perhaps my mind-technology/art site: http://www.deadrebel.com

Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch, it's always cool to talk to other artists and collectors.

Stay Creative, River.
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We Are Time

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed looking through these works.

I liked the work of Guido van der Werve in particular, the idea of being at the centre of rotation, a point at which everything else revolves. Occupying that space and just being- still, appreciating movement and time from that unique position. Wonderful.



Paradigmatic Landscapes

Hey, thanks for sharing, that's a pretty cool idea to work with.

I'm really interested in the concept of the observed being changed by the process of observing. Quantum Mechanical art. It would be really interesting to produce some code that demonstrates a level of A.I, and is able to learn from the interaction with the user (positional clicks or whatever) as to how to merge/modify the images, to produce images that through various iterations come to reflect the consciousness of the user in some way.



Repackaging Nature

I found this work really intriguing, the 'Pure Culture' series is visually very thought provoking, and makes me think about the dynamism of evolution. The unceasing battle of nature to grow, survive and replicate.

It's a thing a beauty, props to Philip for sharing this with the world.