Robert Pearre
Since 2007
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Robert Pearre

My primary focus is single channel video. Some commonalities within much of my work are long, fixed-perspective shots, ambient & recorded sound, and superimposed text. The works are presented as loops and can ideally be “entered” at any point without loss of context or meaning.

The conceptual framework of my practice is not complicated. I record images that appeal to me, intellectually but more often viscerally. These include the interiors of empty spaces as well as urban and rural exteriors. They are typically devoid of any human presence. By recording certain images and arranging them in a specific way I hope to create environments - “places” - that otherwise do not exist. Usually the work includes text that may offer the audience a hint at possible narratives, but not always. Although the stories these pieces relate may be clear for me, ultimately the viewer’s grasp of a fixed narrative is of much less importance to me than the environment they experience.

R. Pearre
Brooklyn, NY.