Since the beginning
Works in Kingston, Rhode Island United States of America

Hutt's Art work ranges across a wide continuim starting with the purely digital aesthtic forms of Interactive Net Art, and Game Engine Technology through new media variants of Sound and Video Instilations and fully arriving in the physical realm with hybreds works blending digital and traditional processes, aesthtic forms to create Photo-silkscreen on various materials substrates and digitally mediated Paining on canvas. Hutt's Art works have been shown nationally and internationally, most recently at The Islip Art Museum, East Islip, Long Island, New York which was reviewd in the New York Times and features Hutt's Greek Inspired, digitally mediated Paintings.

"My scholarly and creative activity is based on an analysis of the relationships between technology, art, and society with a focus on deterministic trends, power relationships, and media representations. Making art with digital information technologies immerses one immediately in the alternating cultural currents of promise and hype were utopian and distopian world-views merge, transform and split yet again. Who is creating the myths of our future, how does technology affect culture, who benefits the most and will technology lead to human enhancement or human oppression, are a few of the questions I engage in my creative process. I work with wide range of digital and traditional media, such as image manipulation, 2D and 3D animation, 3D modeling, interactive web based Net Art, "serious game" design, cultural heritage recreation, digital story telling, photo-silk screen processes and digitally mediated painting."