Ryan Boatright
Since 2010
Works in Paris France

Ryan Boatright’s work pivots around the mundane aspects of the everyday. He is inspired by such things as routine family interactions (a pool match, an email, or a lunch), snapshot photographs, and the visual repetitions inherent in our immediate surroundings. His work also investigates the various failures of photography. He is interested in how photographs are technically and emotionally flawed, have become increasingly monotonous in the mainstream, and are difficult to preserve. The products of his work exist as traditional photographs, digital prints, videos, and unique art objects.

Ryan grew up in Louisville, Ky and is currently based in Paris. He is a former Research Scientist at the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, NY, where he was involved with the research and development of specialized imaging techniques that depict the unique visual and physical aesthetics of historical photographs. He has also taught and lectured widely on the subject of photographic and digital print processes, and in 2011, he started the digital printing studio Atelier Boba.