Said Dokins
Since 2005
Works in Mexico

Said Emmanuel Dokins Milián (México, 1983). Urban artist. His labor is to re interpretate the ways and maners of expression in the city life arts as street-art, graffiti, performance , instalation and intervention art in public spaces. His work has being show as individual, colective, in a diverge way including exhibitions of the artist as: "Bestiario Citadino" (Buzón de Arte: Gallery, México, D.F., 2006). "Street are our Canvas" (Power VS Power Gallery, Ámsterdam, Holanda, 2006). "Reacción [1]", acciones en el Zócalo (Performance at down town Mexico City” and in Ex Teresa Arte Actual (A very up-to date design art Museum) (México, D.F., 2005). "Abstracto en concreto" (Casa Tomada, México, D.F., 2005). "Primer cuadro" (Instalation project made in colaboration with Germany-México, Kunsthochsule Kassel and ENAP, UNAM, México, D.F., 2004). It get award on the 35th aniversary of Punto de partida magazine (2004)honor award in the 37th competition of the same magazine (2006). Get the second place in the National Graffiti competition, Kolords Magazine, Oaxaca 2004; and the first place in the Graffiti festival "Por una ciudad más segura (For a safest city" (Telmex, Nezahualcoyotl, 2001). With paticipation in the following publications: Punto de partida, editorial Nueva Época, Revista de la Universidad de México, Metalpilli (FFyL-UNAM), and participation in news papers, magazines and televison (Canal 22). Ilustrating the book: Humor en la Ciencia (Science humor) and as the autor of the book: “La Calle es de Nosotras. La participación de la mujer en el arte urbano”. (The street are ours . The womans participation on the street arts) Edition made by Dokins society for the new performable arts) And as a colaboration whith the PNEUMA publishing company work on the “Dislocated module” colection. Today his work is in the research of the street art as an transversal axis on female kind.