Sebastien Cliche
Since 2005
Works in Montreal Canada

Visual and Audio Artist
Web Designer

Living and working in Montreal - Canada, Sébastien Cliche's work is focused on the interaction of human and the social environment. His photography and text work examine relational issues such has power, psychological protection systems and victimization. He also participate in group initiatives such has "L'ÉCHELLE HUMAINE" a community sensitive work with a psycogeography angle.

At the present time, his audio research revolves around field recording as a structural basis for improvisation and composition. He's approaching audio art from the perspective of narrative: audio material is selected and organized according to its evocative potential. Although he respect and appreciate the approach of audio documentarists, his predilection for fiction differentiates him from this school. Cliche's approach, moreover, whether alone or as a member of impro group Gringoplaza, involves a blurring of the boundaries established by specialized musical practices. Raw recordings, popular music, electro-acoustic, bruitisme, electronic minimalism—all are regarded as components to be broken down into their essences: matter, form, colour, texture, motif.

He recently completed a web project during a residency at "La Chambre Blanche" in Quebec City.
GRAVITY PRINCIPLES is hosted at this URL :