Sergio Tavares
Since 2009
Works in JyväSkylä Finland

Majored in Communication at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to Finland selected for the Master Degree Program of Digital Culture at the University of Jyvaskyla. Founder of new media publishing house NEOCRONICA.ORG ( in 2005, releasing multi and transmedia stories, such as the series INCORPORATED, a criticism on corporative policies. In 2007, co-directed the project PRICELESS, documenting Brazilian loan companies’ irregularities. In 2008, participated in LiveHerring’08, a new media art exhibition organized by the Central Finland Council of Arts. As an Academic, published his Bachelor’s thesis on the ABED 2008 (International Congress of Online Education, Santos, Brazil), and works on narratives at, in 2009. In the same year, presented a paper on YouTube self-broadcasts at the University of Salford, UK. Professionally, worked as a designer, market planner, editor and writer on advertising, especially in new media.
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I love it. My works are influenced by glitch, too. In one of them, the computer narrates the story with excerpts from the web and, fused with the main character under anesthesia, goes on glitching...


Moving the Museum Online

Indeed it seems more of an imitation of a real thing than a real thing itself. And by that I don't even mean the built museum, but rather the idea of a museum of web art (they don't even use this name, nor net art, as if they wouldn't want to use copyrighted terms nor give someone else the least credit for doing for a generation what they are pretending to do now).
The fake glitches are particularely embarassing, as it is the idea of a cactus-building. It seems there was not much effort in creating something new, edgy (of course, something new and edgy will not please so many people, will not be comprehended by the majority and innovation attempt can be a flop). 
But if it plays safely with a new idea of preservation and a museum (thus, making it flop), it also flops with the works of art displayed: the inventors of Flash could not come up, even, with an interactive work of art. I clicked 'Sex' an a pie-chart was dancing in the screen... no interaction of any sort, unless if you count the curator making a fool out of himself with what seems to be a measure to engage the viewer and make it easier for him to understand what that is.
Sometimes you can gather the best cast in the world: it just won't work if you don't let the right people to do their thing. It seems that in 20th century organizations the vertical thinking still creates those idiosyncratic barriers, obliging programmers to build silly softwares to please the 'biggest number of people'.


Me, My Camera, and I

The exhibition seems to be great. I love the works of Jillian, especially the ones based on horror movie pop culture! Congrats!


IT'S JUST MEDIA: Horror and contemporaneity

Thu Dec 31, 2009 00:00


On his referential analysis of Poltergeist, Douglas Kellner (UCLA) in his book Media Culture claims that "media culture provides social allegories which articulate class and social group fears, yearnings, and hopes. Decoding these social allegories thus provides a diagnostic critique with insight into the situation of individuals within various social classes and groups, like youth. Thus, fantasy and entertainment may be the vehicle of deadly serious diagnoses of the contemporary era which cultural studies should analyze and interpret."

NEOCRONICA.ORG is inviting Academics, authors, students and artists to send contributions on the topic of horror and media. Criticism, analysis, debates and ideas on television, journalism, design, advertising, film, literature, games, semiotics, social studies and others are welcome. Any kind of media sent will be evaluated, such as new media art, games, music, video or text.

DEADLINE: December 31st 2010


Please write a statement about your work (500-1000 words) and a personal bio (200-250 words).
Do not attach files, but feel free to send your links.

Please do not attach files, but send your links. Sole works or collections are equally welcome. Please attach a statement about your work (500-1000 words) and a personal bio (200-250 words).

Not more than 20 pages (A4), and please attach a personal bio (200-250 words).

IT'S JUST MEDIA: Horror and Contemporaneity will be released as an eBook from NEOCRONICA.ORG New Media Publishing House under a CreativeCommons license.

Please send your submissions to


I find this very interesting. I am applying for a PhD program on this field and if anyone is up to discuss ideas on audience, spectators and new media, please do write me.