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graffEti::walls of protest

Thu Sep 19, 2002 00:00 - Thu Sep 19, 2002

just like in real life, when using the graffiti medium, freedom of speech and creativity are the tools with which the exhibition of ideas and thoughts are created. "graffEti::walls of protest" is doing just that, like the name implies. by giving (web)space for personal expression of dissent with the war in the middle east, graffEti thrives to reflect a truer reality, to show what people really think about the situation and allow a peep into the unknown "public opinion". these personal point of views will later be presented in the "walls" gallery, and later projected onto real walls in several locations in Israel and Austria. everyone is welcomed to create their own message and upload it. you can also send your wall to others via Email. using simple visual tools (and english) GraffEti crosses the language barriers and presents a united and equal front of individual protesters..
it's safe, anonymous and even legal! protest now:
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