Since 2005
Works in United States of America

an ongoing reinvention, jj higgins is a cacophony in the dialectic of life-altering experience .
and the everyday will never be the same.
In a previous lifetime jj was employed in an institutional setting and had access to students who became research assistants. Through her teaching she gave that world a new way of seeing.
jj higgins, is an emerging new media artist, whose work is formed through the concepts of architecture and social space in constructing installations that become recontextualized spaces for audience examination and intervention.
A graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA candidate at the University of Florida, jj's interests collide at the intersection of social behavior, etiquette, surveillance and the psychological spaces that embody memory and experience.
Within an interdisciplinary practice that includes visual culture, language, theory, sound, video, performative and interactive elements, the composite is both overwhelming and accessible to its audience, whose engagement with the work is critical.
jj's interests hover around the way spaces are constructed: the nonlinear methodologies of time and place, through consumerism, homogenous spaces