Simona Lodi
Since 2006
Works in Torino Italy

Simona Lodi is art critic and curator. Since 1993 she writes for the best magazines of contemporary art. She is interested in relationship between art / technology and the impact that digital technology has had on the lives of creative people, curating shows and writing articles and essays. She is the artistic director and founder of Share Festival. She is on line since 1994 and lives in Turin.
Share Festival is an event dedicated to the promotion and exploration of digital art and culture and the development of creativity inspired by the new expressive potential offered by new media and technological innovation, placed in Torino. The Festival is renowned the world over for the quality of its contents and the consistency of its curatorial project. Since 2007, the Share Prize has sought to discover, promote and support excellence in the digital arts, through a competition-based award."
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CALL FOR SHARE PRIZE 2012 - Open Your City

Wed Jun 06, 2012 00:00

Turin, Italy

Piemonte Share is announcing a new edition of the Share Prize, the international competition designed to discover, promote and support art in the digital age.

Entries for the Share Prize can be submitted from 23th March to 6th June 2012, by completing the entry form on the website

The Share Prize this year will focus on the theme for the 8th Share Festival, entitled Open Your City.

Open Your City is the guiding theme for the Share Festival 2012. A theme that contains three key, simple and direct words, the pillars on which this year's festival programme will be built. 'Open Your City' will also provide the blueprint for this year's Share Prize.

Open is meant in the sense of being in the making, of being unfinished, experimental, transparent and boundless. 'Open' gives the idea of a starting point, the perspective from which we see things, an inclusive vision founded on digital communication and active democracy. It is a hallmark of the quality of an idea, a system, a group or an organization. It relinquishes copyright to give precedence to the sharing of knowledge, to open-source methodologies.

Your is meant as the direct participation of people who possess, own, use, occupy and command something that belongs to them. It identifies the person who plays a leading role in driving change-someone who takes action, steps in and gets involved; someone who makes plans, collaborates, transforms, brings together and acts as part of a community. 'Your' means grass-roots democracy.

City is meant as the venue or theatre of action; it is the common good, the backdrop to changes underway. An urban space abuzz with social and technological ferment, made up of streets and roads, squares and parks and everyday locations. The city has become populated with new sites of social media where communication flows thick and fast-in the form of control, through video surveillance or the mapping of social graphs, though also in the form of participatory democracy, through augmented reality, smart architectures and wearable computing.

What is the role of art today, in this time of social transformation towards the city of the future?
Is this the city that we want, that we imagine, that we wish for?

What's your idea of the open city?

What world we want to live?


An international jury will short-list six finalists for the prize, who will be invited to take part in the 8th Share Festival, to be held in Torino from 30th October to 11th November 2012, at the Regional Museum of Natural Science.

The winner will receive a cash prize of EUR 2,500.00.

The names of the short-listed finalists (maximum six nominees) will be announced by the end of July 2012.




The European Tech Art Scene at SXSW

Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:30 - Sun Mar 11, 2012

Austin, Texas , Texas
United States of America

Dear friends and colleagues,

if you happen to be in Austin next weekend there is a good reason to come in SXSW. Sorry for any cross postings.

Share Festival
Newsletter 03.05.2012
Jasmina Tešanović and Simona Lodi at SXSW 2012, Austin Texas

SXSW 2012, Austin Texas — Sunday, 11th March, 12.30 pm Texas local time/5.30 pm Italian time
The European Tech Art Scene presented by Jasmina Tešanović and Simona Lodi. Special guest Bruce Sterling.

Dear Share Festival friends,

this time we're bringing you news from America's Deep South!

For the first time ever, Piemonte Share will be featuring at the SXSW Interactive Festival, through an appearance by Simona Lodi. Sunday, 11th March at 12.30 pm Texas local time (5.30 pm in Italy), the artistic director of Piemonte Share Festival will be invited as speaker at a panel presented by Jasmina Tešanović on the innovative, intangible and provocative art scene in Europe, with special guest Bruce Sterling.

The discussion will start with a consideration of the structural differences between cultural production in North America and Europe, taking a look at emblematic examples of art works, with a special focus on the works that to date have won the Share Prize.
The XIX SXSW Interactive Festival will be held in Austin, Texas, from 9th–18th March.

A key event for the international arts scene, SXSW is the biggest cultural festival in North America. Divided into three sections, held on consecutive weeks, the festival features a vast programme dedicated to interactive art, music and film, offering a perfect location to catch bands, premiere screenings and the latest from around the world.

The strength of this mega event over the years has been its ability to bring together mainstream productions and the independent scene, attracting to Austin for ten days musicians, film directors, artists and innovators of the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Willem Dafoe, Ray Kurzveil, Bruce Sterling, Tim O'Reilly, Stephen Wolfram and Jaron Lanier.

The week dedicated to interactive art is more than just a festival—it's a hotbed for cutting-edge technology, where the most inspired minds in new, emerging fields present their websites, games, applications and amazing ideas.


Simona Lodi
art director
Share Festival 8th ed.
art in digital culture
7/11 November 2012
Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
Torino - IT


Share Prize 2011 | Cops&Robbers | Short List

Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:00 - Sun Nov 13, 2011

Turin, Italy

Dear friends of Share Festival,
Piemonte Share is announcing the short list of the Share Prize.
The Share Prize this year is focused on the theme for the 7th Share Festival, entitled Cops & Robbers.
The theme takes its inspiration from the use of appropriationism, activism and plagiarism in art, which today has turned fakes, mash ups and remixes into an avant-garde artistic stance that flirts with what customarily is the wrong side of the law. A theme that fits perfectly with the sort of 'networking' that, ever since its beginnings, has straddled the dialectical line between legality and illegality, between theft and giving, between openness and closure, between intellectual property and sharing, and hence between widespread participation and a position of dominance.
Six finalists for the prize are invited to take part in the 7th Share Festival to be held in Torino from 2nd to 13th November 2011, at the Regional Museum of Natural Science, Turin.
Now are you ready to discover the group of artists called to take part in a Share Festival?
Some 250 projects from 20 countries were submitted for consideration for the Share Prize 2010. A jury composed by Bruce Sterling and the curator of the exhibition Simona Lodi has made a complex and thorough consideration of all the works that will compete for the coveted victory.
Read the jury statement
Selected Works:
Paolo Cirio | Alessandro Ludovico (IT), Face-to-Facebook (2011)
Mul Geert (NL), God's Browser (2010)
IOCOSE (IT), Sun Flower Seeds on "Sunflower Seeeds", (2011)
!Mediengruppe Bitnik (CH), Chess For CCTV Operators (2010)
SWAMP (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production) Douglas Easterly (NZ) | Matt Kenyon (USA) | Tiago Rorke (NZ) Tardigotchi (2010)
Julian Oliver (NZ) | Danja Vasiliev (RU), Newstweek (2011)


Opening Share Festival | Cops & Robbers

Wed Nov 02, 2011 18:30 - Sun Nov 13, 2011

Turin, Italy

Dear Share Festival friends, the date is nearing!
As in the past, a key part of this year's Share Festival will be the large-scale interactive exhibition of the artworks shortlisted for the Share Prize 2011.
So here are some of the warm-up events leading us up to the opening night.
Thursday, 27th October 2011
6.30 pm - Torino Chamber of Commerce, Via Carlo Alberto 16, Turin
Opening of the exhibition Cymatics, by Suguru Goto
Monday, 31st October 2011
5.00 pm – Guido Quazza Multimedia Lab, Via Sant'Ottavio 20, Turin
Encounter with the theatre company Belarus Free Theatre.
Wednesday, 2nd November
6.30 pm - Regional Museum of Natural Science
Opening of " Cops & Robbers" – Share Festival 2011. Presentation of the Share Prize to the winning artist and commendation of the runner-up. The exhibition will be open until 13th November, 10 am–7 pm.
8.00 pm - Regional Museum of Natural Science
Performance: Action30, MagmAction
Staring from 3rd November, a series of conferences will open the way for an engaging dialogue that takes as its starting point globalization and technological medialization, to then expand into other fields of inquiry, from political philosophy to economic sociology, shining a light, along the way, on the interaction between activism, society, new media and art.
Cops and robbers, the innocent and the guilty, legalitarians and subversives, law-abiding citizens and revolutionaries.
The impression is that there is always somebody stealing something and somebody else on their pursuit, like in Cops & Robbers, but the good guys today are often on the wrong side of the law. Roles have become unclear, ideas all mixed up.
Even the guests of this year's Share Festival are in their own way robbers, in the form of counterfeiters, pranksters, culture jammers, interventionists, sign thieves, symbol makers, political agitators, and hacktivists, who take-over the digital dazibaos and surveillance cameras, hacking into civic information systems, claiming back the streets and inciting participation.
Here are their names: Suguru Goto, Nikolai Khalezin, Natalia Koliada, Action30, Janez Janša, Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Andrea Caccia, Giorgio Scianca, Steve Kurtz, Annette Wolfsberger, Dmitry Kleiner, Franca Formenti, Nadia Ranocchi, David Zamagni, Mariano Equizzi, Simone Arcagni, Francesco Bernabei, Joseph Grima, Paolo Cirio, Sander Veenhof, and Bruce Sterling.
For more information, see the program on-line


Cops & Robbers | Share Prize 2011 | deadline postponed

Sun Aug 28, 2011 23:59

Turin, Italy

The deadline to subscribe to Share Prize 2011 has been postponed to August 28th 2011.
Continue to subscribe!
The Share Prize, designed to discover, promote and support art in the digital age.
The contest is dedicated to artists that use digital technology as a
language of creative expression, in all shapes and formats and in
combination with analogical technologies and/or any other material.
The Share Prize this year will focus on the theme for the 7th Share Festival, entitled Cops & Robbers.
The theme takes its inspiration from the use of appropriationism, activism and plagiarism in art, which today has turned fakes, mash ups and remixes into an avant-garde artistic stance that flirts with what customarily is the wrong side of the law.
The six short-listed works will be invited to take part in the 7th Share Festival, to be held in Torino from 2nd to 6th November 2011, at the Regional Museum of Natural Science.