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2006- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC artistbook collection, web-art curating,
2005- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, art & technology studies, MFA,
SAIC art and technology ,MFA
2000-2003 Hongik university,Art education, MA, seoul, Korea
master of art education
1995-1999 Seoul National university of education, BA


2011 10.11~11.3 , cite Internationale de Arts, Paris, France

2011 "your browser is my kingdom", or@nien net, Oranienstrasse 185, Berlin, Germany

2011 "whispering wishes", art center nabi, como, seoul

2010 sejong art center), seoul

2010 "beyond XYZ", solo exhibition,insa art space, seoul

2010 PMA manifesto group, KT W gallery, seoul

2009, ssamzie open studio, seoul

2008 ssamzie 10th residence program , residence artist

2008 "what makes your heart beat", gallery S, seoul, korea

2008 "one dimensional man", space DA , seoul, korea

2008 "emerging artists", ssamzie space, seoul,korea

2007 "Electrofringe 2007" ,Marrickville ,Australia

2007 "MFA show" , Gallery2, chicago , US

2007 "Big sky" , SUGS exhibition, chicago , US

2007 collision 11 ,collision collective,MIT stata center , Boston , US

2007 Boston cyberart Festivsl,Boston,US
Boston globe review

2006 unexpected token:an exhibition of algorithmic drawings,chicago,US
nova art space-chicago, IL,

2006Rhizome Guest-Curated Exhibitions netart exhibition

2002 "graduation exibition" hong ik university,Seoul Arts Center,Seoul Korea

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post- media art manifesto

I currently left the new media art of the form which is doing. Interactivity in new media art is tricky, though, as it can too often lead to experiences that are only superficially and fleetingly amusing. and also when I look around many art festival( Venice biennale, BIG museum..) it is Time of mannerism !

The art was applied technique always and experimented the technique of that time critically. The art will compose a cultural value with that oneself and there is not a necessity which will be bound in goal.

Treats a new mechanical medium but The directivity which is artistic is necessary.
The art function is a possibility of doing at one field for an aesthetic and emotional or political quest. Quite art it digital is analog is from the point of view which is general always core issues;
aesthetics of reappearance and perception, condition of the human being which fluctuates according to cultural and political development ,the world which is emotional and spiritual, Relationship of society, community and individual. Etc .
I think Essentially the quest must be considered as value of top about expression of artistic sensitivity and production of meaning.
The new media art must evolve dialectic. Now There is to a process of the experiment which expands the concept which art is general.


post- media art manifesto

post- media art manifesto

ART MOVEMENT FOR reform of new media art and contemporary art scene

1. Reflecting on the New Media Art that cannot create any more an aesthetically meaningful or artistically inspirational works beyond a mere presentation of technological advancement;

2. The end of art took the art to run out of its authoritarian regime of intelligentsias, and toward the convergence of various cultural modalities and media. What we call the art today refers to not the object in a white cube, but the cultural practice encompassing various cultural phenomenon of the society.

3. Post- Media Art incorporates contemporary cultural trends, tastes, and various cultural forms (game, movie, web, graphic design, etc.) and remediate them. Media and art are the mixture of different facets of our culture.

4. We throw away the authoritarian, pedantic and intellectual practices of the past in the contemporary art scene, while promoting artistic indefiniteness, uncertainty, and open semantic approach.

5. We pursue perceptual, emotional, conceptual and empirical interactions. 'Communication' can only be achieved through the interaction.

6. We admit the co-existence between human and machinery, while allowing the social intervention of the art through independent criticism. The media has led social and political reformation.

7. We are against 'Spectacle'-obsessed modern culture , 'popularlist entertainment' and totalitarian mass communication.

8.Art differently works in the society. Thus, our job is to find an answer to the question: What should be the art for in the present era?

9.Technologies unleash our imagination

10. we are in the pursuit of spiritual experience in the new media place.

join us!
Sinae Kim


VR ; Arcade project

Fri Dec 08, 2006 00:00 - Thu Dec 07, 2006

SiNae Kim
School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
Art and technolgy
Emersive environment VR lab project

Modern capitalist society has two faces, on the one hand, as a surrealistic illusion and dream and, on the other hand, as commodity fetishism and alienation. The modern society offer sufficient fantasy to meet most needs.
Benjamin’s book ‘arcade project’ still stand because of his insight into the cultural consequences of capitalism, an insight about the now inescapable culture of consumerism. For Benjamin,The arcades and interiors are residues of a dream world
We still promenade about arcade of the city. My maze is the visual space leading the people to the surrealistic dream . New product always seduct the people and arouse a desire. Peoples are warped by desire. we can’t distinguish between true and false needs . This commodification of life becomes very Self-Repressive controlled by our need to satisfy false needs .

Society under advanced capitalism is unfree and repressive and that modern man has become intellectually and spiritually complacent through his psychological dependence on the blandishments of consumer society.
How do we “commodify” ourselves and our lives?
How can we escape this cycle?


New abstract

Wed Dec 06, 2006 00:00 - Mon Dec 04, 2006

Citizens of the world unite in spending their lives staring into the reflective surfaces of their mobile phones and desktop computers.Digital images which are consisted of pixel generally thought of as the smallest complete sample of an image are supposed to be a representation of the visual culture in the new era. Many contemporary artists are expressing their ideas through the medium of software. Programming language can be considered as a material with unique affordances and constraints such as oil painting, acrilyc and pastel.
I think that social context determine the value of the media, tendency itself of dispaying medium have to be thought as social message.New media changes the existence form of reality, visual environments.

I am exploring possibility of new abstract with new media. My new moving painting have different meanings from previous modern abstract painting. It has the Dynamic form which is form that changes in time. It has the element of Time. My flickering geometric forms implicit various meanings of discontinuety, dromologie ,supernatural and theology.The object become the dematerilization by the fast velocity and movement .
In the past, inherent trait of painting reveals through the recognitions and enactments of medium. we have to reconsider new medium.

In the modern painting, if dematerilization means that spirituality leading material toward becoming nothing structure, we can find new spritual sentiments in this new space.

The frame in my digital movie and print have function that it divide screen into two worlds.
For me, the digital canvas is another representation tool. Browser is not only the way it looks but also an inevitable basis of existence in the new space. If the history of fine art is against the frame of canvas, new painting will be founded on the browser, a element of being.

I am looking for an aesthetic capable of the new digital images in the postmodern period. Its fundamental category is the sublime. The significance of the sublime as an aesthetic subject of art seems to lie in its conceptual reach, or in the case of the religious sublime, in its spiritual dimension. The sublime refers to immense ideas like space, time, death, and the divine.

There exist something that cannot be represented in the dehors. When We feel the world beyond , we enter the realm of the sublime.To make visible that there is something which can be conceived and which can neither be seen nor made visible.The sublime takes place when the imagenation fail to present an object which might, if only principle, come to match a concept. we have the idea of the world, but we do not have the capacity to show an example of it. The simulacra is as far removed from ‘reality’ as it is possible to be.But this true reality exists and is there awaiting discovery by us.This would be a desire to seek permenance in the instable and forged world.

I am in the pursuit of new sublime sentiment in the new media place. The New visual culture has changed t our visual perception and cognition. Benjamin said that new media trains people’s perception through the simulation fitting the velocity of the modern times. I am exploring a new sublime now found in technology with biblical event. In my work, Eternity and transcendency in the theological event are compatible with the temporality and existence derived from the influence of electronic media .