Steven Read
Since 2004
Works in Denver, Colorado United States of America

I am a meta-artist, and a conclusivist, who likes to send messages to receivers of messages. The message is art. The message is clear. And also its myspace play game youtube game cheats for ps2 baby boy names proxy https youporn girls music lyrics free radio stations facebook craigslist free lady sonia funny videos paris hilton hurricane flossie dictionary jose offerman walmart pictures of cats local newspaper hot west nile fever symptoms mattel recall mary louise parker and even more...

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He hopes you enjoy the today.
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Video Weavings (excerpt) (1976) - Stephen Beck

Might be interesting here to compare this software painting methodology to a process painting movement of the same period:



Processing the Signal

Ooooh thanks this truly makes my day.


Net Art 2.5 private beta

Niiiice, very cool, will be 'there'


Net Art 2.5 private beta

I agree the 2-OH name has stuck and is past just being funny. However it was not 'artists' who coined "web 2.0" - yes Pall interesting that the art moniker itself is a web culture consumption. I doubt there will ever be another version number art period, at least not for a while. Nonsensical seems a likely direction, or utilitarian, as suggested with "neen" (names/domains not yet taken strategy which is soooo Web 1-OH haha). Hopefully at least something not obviously tied to web fashion/trends. I want a web art movement that has little to nothing to do with the web. I am ready for post 2.0. I want more, its never enough. As soon as it comes though I would likely defect back to 1 or 2 OH when my HDD or CPU isn't big enough.

No panel for me, no new yorkie yorkie. Maybe in the future these panels have some awesome cheesy web/video conferencing capabilities with big monitors all over the place. Patrick, will read your article once I snatch a little more time... BBQ grill? Kansas City style? Texas BBQ? Mmmmmmmmmm



I am now going to claim that as of May 15th, "FANAL DUCK8" by MANIK is the best Rhizome discussion board post of 2008. Give MANIK all the commission money please.