Steven Read
Since 2004
Works in Denver, Colorado United States of America

I am a meta-artist, and a conclusivist, who likes to send messages to receivers of messages. The message is art. The message is clear. And also its myspace play game youtube game cheats for ps2 baby boy names proxy https youporn girls music lyrics free radio stations facebook craigslist free lady sonia funny videos paris hilton hurricane flossie dictionary jose offerman walmart pictures of cats local newspaper hot west nile fever symptoms mattel recall mary louise parker and even more...

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He hopes you enjoy the today.
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Critics, Markets, Objectivity...

I am an artist who was once publicly highlighted by a critic just to be smacked down. The critic was T.Whid:

At the time, Cory's piece was being marketed by a gallery, and also I'll assume was a friend/associate of critic T.Whid. My piece was not being marketed, just some outsider dude who got 15 minutes of VVORK fame with it.

Being the receiver of the smack attack, no I did not like it. No problem there. But I did not see it as objective. Nor did Tom:

This is biased, yet perhaps relevant information. It seems weird, perhaps unfair, to deductively quote/link blogs as if they were official archives of thought/action. Yet I did.


The Rematerialization of Art

Domenico, in hindsight probably should have said something like "taking a stance on the" instead of "making a show about". Making a show (taking action) is usually a productive thing, and in this case of course I would agree the show itself is. But I wouldn't agree that art/action is always productive (I have learned this the hard way), and also wouldn't agree that something is always better than nothing.

Being broke and thousands of miles away, I will not be traveling to Brussels to see the show. Many collectors have money to travel around and view/shop. I do not. Perhaps thus I prefer the netty digi artz. If rematerialized, the art falls out of my reach.


The Rematerialization of Art

I think that to seperate New Media Art from the rest of the of the art practice is counter-productive."
I think that making a show about the non-separation of New Media Art from the rest of the art practice is counter-productive.



Your message is clear. Finally, we understand. MANIK - we love you!!! Blizz attained. Note to self: reorganized principles; rethink butter tray placement; take ducks for a walk; take manik to california; go back to mario land level 3 again; do another solo show in 2008; give manik his hot sauce; keep hot sauce away from his duck; read posts about rematerializing a third time; hang from the ceiling with ghostbusters track playing loudly; don't forget; order some cuisine in the style of chicken; email 100 net artists and ask them 4 questions each; dip purple blowpops into blood bath kitchen sink; score a lady; dog walk again; art blog flattening strategy; begin to post more;


discussion art

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