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Music composer. Film maker. Music video director. Digital artist. Social media specialist. Web usability analyst. Pacifist.
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Free, Bird

I"ve been a big fan of WM (Weirdo Music) Recordings for years now. I especially am fond of Zloty Dawai, Roy "Chicky" Arad, Chenard Walker, Datapanik, Jan Turkenberg, Rene Vis, Gorowski,


Phasing Dancing Stand Sculptures (2009-) - Cory Arcangel

minimalist robots, dancing" (or swaying) would've been my title for this. creepy actually...


Interview with Jason Sigal of the Free Music Archive

Hey Jason, how's it hangin'? I'm having trouble finding Alan Vega & Oneida live show on FMA. Free Music Archive is a really great collection of free mp3s by some of the best bands alive. Thanks for the tunes!


General Web Content

Thanks for sharing these. I checked them all out. I like them.


Fluid Integration : a watery film

Having trouble embedding the YouTube player code. Here's a direct link to the film: