Stuart Simpson
Since 2003
Works in Leicester United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

My practice has taken a variety of forms including theatre, film score, song, internet performance and digital installation. Having previously experienced life as a recording artist in bands both in the UK and the USA, I returned to education gaining a 1st class BA in Performing Arts and an MA with distinction in Contemporary Art. In 2008 I was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy from Nottingham Trent University for research into tourist performativity, digital ethnography and art practice.

My current interests lie in the creation of databases consisting of video, sound composition and spoken dialogue for the production of randomly configured digital art. The computer network system, surround sound technology and digital projection are the means through which the work is realized and experienced. My work investigates the familiar from the performance of the smile for the holiday-snap; family photography; spirit guides and mementos to the day-to-day existence of living with neighbours.

My forthcoming project is an examination of European diversity through tourist mementos. With this project I will be looking at how each member state represents itself iconographically and how new member states compete in the tourist market.