Tamas Das
Since 2009
Works in Dalton

A master of my own fate!!!

My fashion: alternative, classic

Pets: I am allergic to them

My passions: reading (text books and paulo coelho);
bathroom singing;mmmmm painting.....
as of now see sun rise;
catch the wind in arms wide open;
watch dew on grass;
smiling although it turns out to be a wide grin

I am also a web developer and have created sites like http://www.fastsizeextenders.net and http://www.bvcures.net
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H Y P E R L U C I D. Training to live in a new reality

The concept of hyperlucid is kinda difficult for me to understand ;-)


General Web Content

I didn't know about twitter till now. I am gonna create a new account and explore all the interesting things in it!!