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Thomas Garman is a polymath and creative interested in mail art, sound art, writing and technology.
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This is art... (2010) - sumoto.iki

I have been working on a project called This is art now for a couple of years. I had a show at Spoke Gallery in Chicago, and there is a website where you can enter search terms and get texts:

The website:

And Spoke Gallery:


Required Reading

To answer the question "Can unboxing be elevated to an art form" I have worked with three performers over the last couple of years to stage unboxing events that are purely abstracted and ritualized. The most recent such event was held at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago on 7/28/10 and a performer from the School of the Art Institute opened a cell phone box and described its contents to the audience. The link below gives you a 115MB download of the the unboxing (the audio is terrible, sorry):

The performer was Lee Blalock.