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Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead are London based artists working with video, sound and electronic networked space to create gallery and site-specific artworks and installations. They have exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, having earned an excellent reputation as leading UK practitioners in the field of artists using technology.

You can view their web-work and documentation of other works at A monograph on their work has also been published by Film & Video Umbrella, London

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Wed Mar 03, 2010 00:00 - Wed Mar 03, 2010

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Here's some news on a few bits and pieces we are up to in next few weeks.
You can also find out what we're up to by subscribing to our new blog at

Thanks and best wishes,

Jon & Alison

--> MyWar
Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool
12 March - 30 May, 2010 (& Touring)

We will be showing 'A Short Film about War' as an installation for the first time alongside works by Phil Collins, Renzo Martens, Milica Tomic, Knowbotic Research, Harun Farocki, Sarah Vanagt, Joseph Delappe, Oliver Laric, Dunne & Raby, Harrell Fletcher and SWAMP. We're also really excited that Animate Projects have commissioned Lisa LeFeuvre to write a contextual essay about, 'A Short Film about War', which is available on their website to read and download as a diffusion book alongside a streaming version of the work.

+ See a streaming version of, 'A Short Film about War here:

+ Read Lisa's essay here:

+ More information about MyWar exhibition:

--> Recycled Film Symposium / AV Festival
Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle Gateshead
Friday, 12th March 9:30am - 5:00pm

Straight after MyWar exhibition we will be hotfooting it from Liverpool to Newcastle to present work as part of this day long symposium alongside Rick Prelinger, Craig Baldwin, Iain Sinclair, Poppy Simpson, Mike Sperlinger, Paul Gerhardt, Rebecca Cleman and Annet Dekker

+ More info:

--> Several Interruptions
Urban Video Project, Syracuse, New York
April 1st 2010 - April 30th 2010

For the month of April, our YouTube video triptych, 'Several Interruptions' will be projected onto the side of a high-rise building in downtown Syracuse, New York for the month of April. You can find out more about the Urban Video Project at:

+ You can watch a streaming version of, 'Several Interruptions' here:

+ You can also watch it and read a contextual essay by Sarah Cook here:

--> Rethinking Curating
We are in a couple of books out this month. The first is called Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media and is by Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook with an introduction by Steve Dietz and published by MIT press. The second is called, 'A brief history of working with New Media Art' and is by Beryl Graham, Sarah Cook, Verina Gfader and Axel Lapp and published by The Green Box, Berlin.

+ Two further links: /


FLAT EARTH UPDATE / Thomson & Craighead


+ Just to let you know that Flat Earth will now be BROADCAST on
Channel 4 this Sunday December 2nd at 00.00hrs. The program is an
hour long and includes all six new Animate Projects and interviews.
So if you're not night owls then set your recorders...

+ Also, AN INTERVIEW about us and our work has just gone online as
part of vague terrain's online journal /

+ We are also showing Flat Earth in Amsterdam as part of Montevideo's
exhibition, 'Video Vortex 2', which opens on 8th December 2007 and
runs until 3rd February 2008:

+ Flat Earth will also be screened at Whitechapel Gallery in London
TOMORROW evening, 29th November 2007 at 7.30pm alongside the other
commissions -entry




Here's a 'digest' of what we're up to over the summer -well in June
and July at any rate. We hope some of you can make some of it and
wish everyone a great summer wherever you are.

best wishes.

Jon & Alison

After two years in fabrication, we are finally launching the
mechanical version of BEACON as a railway flap sign at BFI, Southbank
from 23rd June - 12th August 2007. There's an opening from 7pm - 9pm
on Friday 22nd June (
beacon.html) After London the sign travels to FACT in Liverpool and
then Artists Space in New York.

The gallery version of Decorative Newsfeeds is part of Accumulated
Outlook at Oakville Galleries in Canada from 29th June - 26th August
2007. It will be at Centennial Square site with a launch party on
Thursday 28 June 2007 (
We are almost finished developing a new outdoor version of Decorative
Newsfeeds for The Junction in Cambridge.

A new version of our generative music system called Diminished 7th is
part of The Lost O in Ashford, Kent on 7th and 8th July, which
coincides with Tour de France passing through the town on this year's
UK first stage (
Diminished 7th was first developed for Arts Transpennine 2003 and
used cows rather than sheep.

The Centre of Attention Magazine no.4 is on DVD and includes one of
our template cinema works. The magazine launches on Sunday 29th July
2007 at the Publish and Be Damned Fair, Rochelle School, London E2
7ES (

FEEDBACK in the new Laboral Gallery in Gijon (http:// and My own Private
Reality at Edith Russ Site in Oldenburg (http://


(no subject)

We're in this show opening tonight in Oldenburg
Do visit either online or in the gallery if you can.

thanks and best wishes,

Jon & Alison


Growing up online in the 90s and 00s

12 May - 1 July 2007

Press Conference: Friday, 11 May 2007, 11 a.m.
Opening: Friday, 11 May 2007, 7 p.m.

Artists in the exhibition:
Cory Arcangel, Jonah Brucker-Cohen / Mike Bennett, Nick Crowe,
Exonemo, Ute Horner / Mathias Antlfinger, Humanbeans, Miranda July /
Harrell Fletcher, Olia Lialina / Dragan Espenschied, Les Liens
Invisibles, Jillian Mcdonald, Marisa Olson, Tanja Ostojic, Annina
Rust, Thomson & Craighead, / Paolo Cirio / Alessandro
Ludovico, Angie Waller

In the last decade, the Internet has become one of the most important
tools of the information society. The ability to think and act in a
networked fashion is not only crucial to the world’s economy, but
has also changed our culture. With the ever-increasing
democratisation of the media, new social communities based in the
global network have emerged. These communities, operating with their
own rules, have come to influence and change our daily cultural
activities. “Social softwares” are the communication tools by
which interaction and collaboration online takes place, yet their use
is regulated more through social conventions than genuine software

From an easy to survey, disparate and radical community, which was
first built by a group of Internet enthusiasts, a mainstream
development has been generated: Participatory platforms, which allow
users to upload the content on the websites - such as MySpace,
YouTube, or Second Life - have become an important part of the
online culture. The difference from those early electronic
communities on the Internet is that today users needn’t have
specialist technical knowledge and can more easily play a crucial
role in the creation of networks, publishing their opinions and their
viewpoints to a global public. With its blogs and message boards the
internet today offers a space for private opinions to be shared. The
interest of online communities lies not only in the distribution of
current news and headlines, but in a subjective way in how these are
communicated - an individual, personal style, which creates a new
form of authenticity.

The exhibition My Own Private Reality demonstrates how artists are
using the web to discuss and engage with these new social formations
and the effects social software has in the offline/real world. The
exhibition is focused on the development (the maturation or ‘growing
up’) of activities that define our interactions with the World Wide
Web: personal diaries, entertainment, online shopping, fact-finding,
and the fact that sometimes you just want to escape real life. All
these things have been present before this second Internet
revolution, but these works suggest how they have changed in a World
Wide Web whose contents are produced by its users. The net-based
works included in the exhibition deal with online developments of the
last ten years and discuss the new distinctions between private and
public, the identity structuring potential of the Internet and the
possibility that today one’s own private thoughts are so easily made
public. The featured works are not all web-based, but they all
reflect the phenomenon of social communities on the Internet.

In this year’s January edition Time Magazine voted “You” as the
person of the year in an acknowledgment of the fact of the increasing
democratization of the digital media. The exhibition My Own Private
Reality questions the truth of this, by including projects that pre-
date the more recent phenomena of the Web 2.0 as well as projects
which question the sometimes less than public side of the web. The
exhibition is an interface for the manifold possibilities of
networked thinking and acting.

The works in the exhibition have been selected by Sabine Himmelsbach
and Sarah Cook, whose involvement as co-curator has been supported by
her work with the online resource for curators of new media, CRUMB


FEEDBACK / Laboral, Gijon / Thomson & Craighead

We are showing, 'Short Films about Flying' in this exhibition in
Spain opening on Friday -see below

best wishes,

Jon & Alison

FEEDBACK is one of the inaugural exhibitions at LABORAL Centre for
Art and Creative Industries in Gijon, Asturias, Spain. It is an
exhibition focusing on art responsive to instructions, input, or its
environment and creates one possible narrative of the history of 'new
media art'. Featuring historical and current art works that are all
based on technology and systems of response, the exhibition traces
the history of contemporary artistic practice involving digital

Christiane Paul, Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of
American Art, New York
Jemima Rellie, Director of Digital Programmes, Tate Modern, London

Curatorial Advisor:
Charlie Gere, Research Professor in New Media, University of Lancaster

Exhibition Design:
Leeser Architecture

Official opening; 30.3.07

LABORAL Centre for Art and Creative Industries is an exhibition
centre specifically focused on the production and exhibition of art,
science, technology and creative industries. This interdisciplinary
space pays special attention to workshops for vocational and
professional training, and to research into the intersection between
creativity and new technologies.

LABORAL is based in Gijon [Asturias] - Spain