Tim Devin
Since 2006
Works in Boston United States of America

Tim Devin's projects address community, communication, and social change. His work has been included in art and urbanist shows across the US, Canada, and Europe, and has been featured in such news sources as NPR, CBC and, closer to his house, the Boston Globe.

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The first edition of "The Last Time I Saw..." is now available

The Last Time I Saw..."

The first edition of "The Last Time I Saw..." is now available on the project’s website, http://timdevin.com/providence.html . The stories can be accessed either as a free PDF book, or as an interactive map.

"The Last Time I Saw..." is a Providence RI-specific book/art project that documents:

1. the last time area residents saw someone who means something to them, but who they no longer speak to; and
2. the exact locations where these meetings or sightings took place.

Free copies of the book will also be left in public places around Providence. During the ProvFlux Art Festival in July, we will also give a free walking tour.

Please note: we’re still looking for stories. If you have one that you’d like to share, please email Tim at lasttimeisaw@yahoo.com , or visit the project’s website.



Re: Re: Boston bomb-terrorism-art-marketing scare

Sure, I think Boston overreacted. But I think maybe a more important question is: why didn't the companies that directly benefited from all of this publicity come forward, and set everybody's minds at ease.


Call for Participants: "The Last Time I Saw..."

Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:03

Tim Devin is looking for participants for his project, "The Last Time I Saw..." This project involves gathering Providence-area residents' memories and associations with places in their city. Specifically, it aims to document:

1.bittersweet or negative memories of the last time residents saw someone who meant something to them, but who they no longer speak to; and
2.the exact location in Providence that these meetings or sightings took place.

The final product will involve a free guidebook, a tour, and an interactive website, and will be presented in a way that protects the privacy of the storytellers. Please help Tim explore the hidden meanings of Providence by sharing your stories!

For more information, go to http://timdevin.com/providence.html , or email Tim at lasttimeisaw@yahoo.com .