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Time Piece (1964) - Jim Henson

ah... the child as art critic— classic.


Call For Artists: Next Star Artist competition

It was just a matter of time before the used car and snake oil salesmen came to town....
As much as I tried, I could not find one credential other then Nick's writing for "Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit," to justify his ability to 'judge' artistic work (for a price).

I would be very wary of this one.


Re: Mac Tech question

actually- there is a performance hit if you do not de-fragment your drive under system X-- IF you are using the drive for video. I have to defrag my drive once a month (I do loads of vid each day).

I HIGHLY recommend you use Tech tool-- it has saved my life twice this year-- and is excellent in finding and repairing hidden defaults in drives over 500gig.

Well worth the investment.



yoshi sodeoka wrote:

> this digital psychedelic piece means to provoke viewers to judge
> whether noise is just noise, or noise could be pleasantly presented in
> this format. Total of 60 minutes, visual and audio non-sense.

I like it, I was mesmerized by the tones and surprised when they changed (kind of like white noise with a kick!)


I am afraid to say that most of the "code" appears to have been borrowed from

Jared Tarbell has been producing those "iterations" for the past four years--(he makes the code available for free in the "open source" section) I am a huge fan of his and that is why my mouth dropped when I viewed this piece and saw so many of his experiments contained within and no mention of his name anywhere on the piece.


Re: Re: Re: Electronic Folk Art?!

Ivan Pope wrote:

> Sure you don't need an MFA to be an artist. But I do wish more
> was more integrated with and
> aware
> of art history and practice. A lot of practice is just flailing
> around
> on the margins, interesting but not advancing anything.
> You don't need an MFA to be an artist, but you can easily not be an
> artist without an MFA.

read an interesting article in BUSINESS WEEK about the "value" of an MBA. Turns out that MBA students are performing below those who do not have them, but have "life" experience and who where blessed with an entepenurial "flare."

Art school, like business school is a huge cash cow for the institutions who offer MFA degrees. Theory, it turns out, has little to no effect on the quality of the "product." You either have it or you don't-- one does not learn esthetics, one does not teach another how to create something that has in it "the touch of the divine." (to steal a line from leonardo de vinci).

An MFA has helped me write artist statements that have, in turn won me a few grants... I can amaze and amuse at cocktail parties, and when I visit the Museum, I know what I am looking at. For that I paid dearly! My Law degree did even less good... but I digress.

Outsider art: perhaps we need to redefine that as one who is creating art without consciously being aware that one is creating art. For example the schizophrenic who creates intricate fractals- not for their beauty, but to settle his/her mind. or the disturbed women at Saint Elizabeths in Washington DC, who in the 20's crochet complicated scenes of early 19th century children in order to make sense of her own abuse as a child...

yes- perhaps we need to pause a bit before we through our paper degrees in other's faces. Yes- we are members of a club, but it is after all a club that is not terribly hard to get into, just expensive to do so.