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Rhizome Today

I'd love to hear your thoughts on:
- "leaked" music on the internet
- YouTube vs. Soundcloud
- Mo-Do
- Why you think somebody thought it would be better to make a 3D model of a record player rather than just filming a real one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhXRqo3z6-g
I love how the light reflection on the vinyl also rotates lol.. Note how this product is advertised as "without any digital technology". Truly living the spirit right there


Five Years Later, Kev Has a New Website

Two years ago I wrote Kev an email asking if he was going to release any new music. Turned out I had just missed the release – and deletion – of his album "Kev" on iTunes. "Deletion expresses shame and sadness of the ancestors" he wrote. He sent me one track via email called "No Memory (Don't Cry)" and I remember how excited I was. It felt like a real treasure just appeared in my inbox, after all I had been longing for new (or even old) Bewersdorf material for years. Amazing how he could make an email mean so much to me.

But because of the strong spiritualism of his (seeming) absence on the web I hesitated. I knew this moment was special and so I wanted to be careful and truly focus when listening to the song. I grabbed my AKG headphones, turned off my phone, closed all messaging applications (email, Skype, browser) in order to not get disturbed while listening.

I had been deeply impressed by the disappearance of his online persona. His act of deleting all his stuff reminded me of ritual purification – something like the removal of his digital marks and stains on the web. Or some opposite kind of baptism, I don't know. The concept of refusing the biggest benefit of the digital realm – making things accessible, shareable, reproducible, conservable – and deliberately removing a whole body of work from the public just felt crazy and irritating. Especially from the co-founder of spiritsurfers. But it also seemed somehow PURE.

I decided to only listen to "No Memory (Don't Cry)" only once and even considered deleting it so I would only own a copy in my memory, waiting for it to wear off and slowly fade away. It seemed only consequent since that's the only way I access his previous work: through my memory.

Guess what, I couldn't.

I did only listen once. It's a very beautiful track, probably my fav Kev so far. I thought maybe remembering hearing the best Kev track is as great as it gets, it will be better than the track itself?

Not until I found out through Domenico Quaranta that his album was back online I listened again and refreshed my memory. Unfortunately that first version it had become in my mind over those months was immediately overwritten. As in deleted

I’ll open ritual.technology for the first time now, I hope it doesn’t replace what Kevin Bewersdorf has become in my mind over the past five years now...


Untitled monuments 1-3 (2010) - Ben Schumacher

HA! it was only a matter of time until some person makes a good series with those laser etched glass cubes. been meaning to do something "rad" with them forever...

i just didnt know what 3d models to use... google warehouse, duh!