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Works in Montreal/Toronto Canada

lived, created, shown}}}}Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto.

(((London, Bangkok and Cairns.))

Seattle, SanFran, New York.

installation art, film art,, noise music, and kungFu.

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HAZE: call for submissions

hive projects presents
HAZE monthly video night, Toronto

::: call for submissions ::: fall programming

deadline: August 24

The third season of the HAZE video nights, hosted by Pol Williams of Hive P=
rojects and Emelie Chhangur, will include a new second half for its monthly=
video screenings. The first half of the night will still host the open sh=
owings: bring down what you've made and we'll show it if it's under 6 minut=
es. Beginning September 12, the second half of the two-hour night will inc=
lude curated works from submissions to form theme nights and special guest =
artist selections. Upcoming HAZE nights will take place at a series of art=
galleries in the Queen Street West Gallery District.

Hive Projects is asking artists to send in their VHS tapes, net films, or F=
lash movies for review to be included in the special selection for future H=
AZE video nights. Running length should be under 9 minutes. No interactive =
digital works: linear only please. Send as many as you like, casettes may c=
ontain multiple works, clearly indicated. Along with a CV and comment or st=
atement about the work, mail hardcopy VHS tapes, DVDs, or CDROMs to:

Hive Projects: HAZE
unit 106 - 888 Dupont Street
Toronto, ON
M6G 1Z8

All digital work or links should be e-mailed to:

Please don't forget to pass this on to other potentially interested parties

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softForm opens Sunday

another HIVE project:

softForm, the digital componant to the hardForm day of performance works ha=
ppening in the Queen St. W gallery district, will be opening Sunday, June 1=
6 from 5-7 at Propeller Gallery (984 Queen St. West). The online exhibition=
will open on the same day at The artists se=
lected for this exhibition are:

Nicolas Clauss and Jean-Jacques Birge
Jillian McDonald
Carla Diana
Nikola Tosic
Michael McGuffin
John Murphy
Christina McPhee
Kenneth Hung
Michiel Knaven

This will also be the closing event for the hardForm performances which sta=
rt at 2pm on Sunday June 16:

ZYPR 1664 Queen St. W 2pm Mark Prier, Clara & Ida
Sis Boom Bah 1114 Queen St. W 3:30 Danielle Katz, Katherine Hart=
e, (Mark Prier)
DeLeon White 1096 Queen St. W 4:30 Nico Dann, (Mark Prier)
Propeller Center 984 Queen St. W 5:30 Marie Kettle, Erika Defrei=
tas, (Mark Prier), softForm. pol on laptop and turntables.

more info: questions: comments:

softForm was curated by Paul Williams
another HIVE project

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softForm::: June 16

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