Tyra Watson
Since 2009
Works in United States of America

Hi there! I'm Tyra, I currently work as a financial consultant (Can be seen here: http://www.profitablenuggets.com) for a really neat company. It's a fast, fun and pretty easy going job. Other then that, I really love animals, so I spend a lot of my time helping out. Whether it's going to the pound, helping my friends by babysitting there pets, I'm game for anything! Umm, I also like different kinds of exotic food. I'm game for trying anything! Msg me if you'd like to chat!
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"In Real Life" at Capricious Space

How is it spam? By simply leaving a link?

Just saying that I liked the post, and hadn't thought about the internet like an art gallery..


"In Real Life" at Capricious Space

But I think you're on to something with the performative aspect, the idea of making something to fit the limited time and setting in Capricious. We talk about internet art as ephemeral, but time spent in a gallery -- and thus the experience of any art -- is equally so. By constructing a temporary space in which to bring the producers and the audience of internet content together, Laurel was able to put the reality of these connections into relief."

You know, I've never thought of that, how the internet can compare to art in that way. It's quite beautiful to be honest, thanks for the insightful read!

- Tyra, Credit Reports (Financial Rep/Consultant)