valentina nisi
Since 2005
Works in Dublin Ireland

Valentina is a researcher and media artist focusing on the possibilities afforded by overlapping cinematic narratives with physical places. She is fascinated by the ways in which the recent development of sophisticated mobile technologies has enabled a new paradigm for creating, telling and listening to stories. How on-line, location aware, multimedia handheld computers can bring narrative experiences from their traditional bastions - the static environments of the living room, museum or cinema hall - out into real space and merge storytelling with architecture, environment and landscape. This union provides a vivid and currently unexplored canvas and her research and artistic focus are on filling this in. She devotes her time to designing and developing interactive distributed narratives for public spaces.

Since September 2004 she has been working as a research assistant with Dr. Mads Haahr in the Distributed Systems Group at Trinity College Dublin where she is currently completing her Ph.D. on Location Based Narratives and mobile technologies. Her thesis describes her location based interactive installations, how they relate to places in which they are set, and how audiences have reacted to these new forms of narrative experience.
From December 2000 till August 2004 she has been working at MediaLabEurope (MLE), Dublin, with G. Davenport in the Storynetworks group, investigating the potential of wireless mobile technologies in cinematic non linear narratives, conceiving, designing and producing distributed location based experiences for public spaces. Her work has been presented and published in different festivals and conferences both in Ireland and internationally. Samples from her work can be found at: