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We all love seeing artists take advantage of new platforms and technologies, and it's really exciting.
Perhaps what I found disturbing is the fact that art itself is being presented as a product. I'm not a purist at all, I often find it difficult to draw the line beetwen work and art, so that's not really it.
when Jonah writes:
"As the niche genre of software art expands beyond the web and into mobile devices, media artists are finding ways to integrate their work into a new form of business model. Instead of giving away your work for free on the web, Apple's iPhone and iTouch devices provide an ample platform for distribution (through the Apple App Store) and hardware support for novel ways to experience screen-based work"
I can't help but feel that the business model part is getting all the attention. take nick's comments for example, focusing more on the platform and it's closed model than the art itself.
Back in the days, we've seen these artists "giving away their work for free".
I guess I can't seem to fully understand why this has to change when the platform changes. You had to pay for server space, bandwith and development to make web work, so I don't think that the development/publishing cost is the real issue here.

and Nick, you know you can always develop for the jailbroken iphone/ipod, take full advantage of the device, and distribute your work freely through the repositories.