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I like the piece.



The Rematerialization of Art

Wow, so many words.

One nice thing about this show is that Alexei and Jodi and Olia and I will meet after quite a while.
Heath was in Brux 10 days ago and can't make it, but he is traveling to Croatia this summer and we will meet then.

One other nice thing is that we don't have to go around painting other people's apartments in order to keep making and doing art. Now we are payed for covering those walls with artwork. That is much better, principally because of the price difference per square inch.

Olia, please remind me to give you the 100 Euros for selling that file of mine to the Spanish museum.

Hey readers of this, I want to do shows and work again, anybody game? This retirement shit is killing me. I grew fat. I need to work in order to lose weight. Help me.